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Thread: Featured Event: Boomtown & Quadrant Park Present "A COLLECTIVE ENERGY"

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    Featured Event: Boomtown & Quadrant Park Present "A COLLECTIVE ENERGY"

    It had to be done … before the Quad even began … we are going back to where it all started – BLACKBURN. If you remember back in the day, after the clubs shut at 2am, we would drive to Blackburn looking to find other like-minded people for a secret warehouse party. The excitement of finding the party and seeing the smiles on the faces of thousands of people already dancing to House music and having the time of their lives. Well,... the spirit of the early days is back, BOOMTOWN (Blackburn Raves) and QUADRANT PARK REUNIONS (the first LEGAL rave) come together on Saturday 9 July in Blackburn to bring you one MASSIVE event. 3 Arenas of 100% old skool classics, brought to you by the original DJs from back in the day. The people, the music, the vibe - the best nights of our lives. “It’s 2011, and it’s happening again – be part of it.”

    Boomtown (Blackburn) and Quadrant Park Reunions proudly present:

    Saturday 9 July 2011 at Warehouse 1, 41-43 King Street, Blackburn, Lancs

    10pm – 4am


    - DJ Shack
    - Rob Tissera


    - John Kelly
    - Andy Carroll
    - Mike Knowler

    Guest DJ's

    Butty & Recca - 2 of Manchester's finest old skool DJ's - usually seen at Back by Dope Demand

    LIVE PA: E-Zee Possee & MC Kinky performing Rave classic ‘Everything Starts with an E’

    2 Indoor & 1 Outdoor Arena Spread Over Grade II Listed Warehouse Complex
    Seperated VIP area
    Massive Line Up
    Massive Sound Systems
    State of the art lasers & Lighting
    Official WH1 Photographer
    Unrivalled atmosphere
    5 Bars (2 Outdoor 3 Indoor) + Shot Girls
    10pm - 4am

    Standard Entry - £8 - Tickets

    VIP Tickets, Available.
    Guaranteed Entry, Que Jump, Private bar & Toilets



    Poster -


    The North West of England – birthplace of the British Rave scene and stronghold of the Acid House revolution at the end of the 1980s. At its heart were two major forces: the ‘Blackburn Raves’ (the parties people went to after the Hacienda closed at 2am); and ‘Quadrant Park’, a warehouse in Liverpool, which was the first club in the UK legally allowed to stay open until 7am.

    Ravers travelled from all over the country to party all night long, and through House music, they broke down the barriers of race, class, politics - and other negative forces that had divided people in Thatcherite Britain. The stories are legendary: tales of convoys of cars that snaked along the East Lancashire Roads in search of a rave; the characters who risked prison just to put on a party; and of course, the DJs who brought us the music that changed all our lives.

    Key players at the time were DJ Shack and Rob Tissera from Blackburn; and in Liverpool, Mike Knowler at Quadrant Park invited DJs John Kelly and Andy Carroll to join the line-up. The rest, as they say, is history …

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    still in the gallery - Leeds
    check out Rob Tisseras warm up mix he's done for it off facebook classic mixing and tracks
    Download ROB TISSERA OLD SKOOL HOUSE CLASSICS '89 - '99.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

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