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Thread: DJ Mark B Profile

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    DJ Mark B Profile

    Hello and thanks for dropping by

    Well it all began for me in 1990 listening to electronic music. I learnt to mix on a stereo stack system, one with one of them wobbly record players on top and a cassette tape which had the same tunes I had on vinyl on it. I basically attempted to align them using my hand to control the speed. (Sounded a train wreck) lol but grasped the concept of it. This was done by pressing both tape and phono buttons which played both outputs together.

    ..some time later on I started going to this local dj shop where I was given the opportunity to play on the decks they had set up in the shop after a bit of persuasion with the owner. Due to my eagerness and persistence they decided to let me play there for an hour and a half every day. When potential customers came in I was asked to crank up the sound system to demo to them in the hope it would influence a sale. It worked!.

    1995 was when I got a soundlab direct drive and a HW international 2 channel mixer, my other record player was a pioneer turntable from my stack system which eventually after some tinkering, located the internal speed pot inside and made it accessible with a small screw driver to adjust the speed enabling me to mix. I was buzzing.

    I've always been a big music collector over the years and aquired a hell of a lot of tunes and throughout the years I've collected well over 16000, 1000 are vinyl and the rest are mp3's.
    I also like to unwind after work on the decks with a few beers. Much prefer tunes over telly any day.

    My music tastes are eclectic and vary from funk, soul, indie and house, techno.
    Always been a big lover of 92 to 96 prog house which is what I like to play when I'm having a mix mainly.
    1994 was probably my favourite year for clubbing and music. I like the sound of the music at that time.

    My Dj career has mainly been as a mobile jock playing across the board and having to sometimes play shite you detest. But when all said n done it gets the punters hitting the dancefloor sometimes lol.
    From experience having a very broad musical knowledge and knowing your stuff very very well and having the ability to have a good and methodic practise of organising and preparing before you step out the door certainly eases the pressure when your doing a gig. You've heard the saying, fail to prepare prepare to fail, and its very true.

    I have a collection of mixes I have done over the years.
    Which are available on request.

    "Don't forget ear plugs, tinnitus is a ringing reminder of the past"

    Thanks for dropping by folks.
    Happy raving
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