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  1. re: cheers

    Will grab that, have since found 45 minutes of it on mixcloud.

    cheers for sharing :thumbsup:
  2. re: nice one

    Thanks for sharing, loved these mixes back in the late 90s :fekked::condom::roll:phones:
  3. re: thanks for these

    Really like mark moores selections on his mixtapes in the 90s. I am not a dj, so I do not know too much about his technical ability, but his track selections on his mixes were really good in the 90s....
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    re: cheers hv

    Parky has a dj gig lined up round here soon, so always good to listen to some GP.

    Cheers for upping those!
  5. re: cheers jigsaw

    No worries, will do! Thanks again.
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    Boxed Club Classics 1995

    In 4 parts (mp3 files, not the best quality, but listenable, think this was ripped years ago on an older pc by someone I used to know who had burned them off on a cdr for me, which I found some...
  7. re: fangtastic....

    This brings back some memories! thx for sharing :thumbsup:
  8. re: understood

    Thanks for explaining fellas. Rest assured, if I do PM to ask for a key, it won't be much and only for one or two files. No harm nor foul meant from me.

    Have a good evening.
  9. re: says no longer available

    Alas, saying no longer available now. If they are not protected with these damned keys (that never work half the time anyway), they get taken down for copyright by (?) mega. There must be a way we...
  10. re: tune in br set

    It is mentioned in the comments, and I searched it on youtube to check:

    A2 - FSOM - Barefoot In Sydney.

    A2 - FSOM - Barefoot In Sydney - YouTube
  11. re: was thinking the same gregsta

    This would be great for people who are working on nights, used to listen tunes when I was a baker on nights, and wish I knew of this back then :|:P:thumbsup:
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    re: better to keep files locally

    I don't really trust these online storage/streaming sites too much after megaupload went bust, and now has chinese investors or so I read, and I don't fancy the communist party of china...
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    re: that is it...

    Thanks so much, I just had trouble pinpointing the year. I just thought I should contribute as I have been lurking and not really as proactive as I should have been. I don't have much more old school...
  14. re: thanks brady

    Cheers, if this has been uploaded before I can remove the initial post.
  15. RE: great mixes

    These got me through many a night shift back in the day, and were a talking point with a mate of mine who was into clubbing and house. One of those tape sets that I wish I had treasured, but is long...
  16. re: passwords not going through

    Allister Whitehead and Graeme park at Feel ones work just fine, but these two won't download. Tried the passwords in upper and lower case. Can you check and confirm, would be appreciated.

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    Boxed Club Classics 2 Tape Pack

    Links removed, sorry.
  18. Stu Allan Life @ Bowlers Fantazia 1991

    Will upload once I am in a more stable position to do so. Cheers, notloblad.
  19. re: thanks for the tracklist

    Cheers :cool:
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    I really hope don't follow what mixcloud have done, it has a brilliant choice of old school stuff, shame if it has those annoying features introduced, let's hope they don't change things...
  21. re: ta brady..

    Hearing "the man like" scratching, I doubt he does that in his minimal sets these days, brilliant mix, cheers for the links:)
  22. re: good old rave tunes.....

    I remember a older mate taping stuff like this off the radio, which I would listen back to, so thanks for sharing this one! Pirate radio stations were great days :fekked: Now off to get me slippers,...
  23. re: flippin 'eck!!

    Considering I remember reading somewhere that he did not believe in taking stimulants, a 12 hour set, that is amazing. Will check this out now, especially as mixcloud has gone all premium only....
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