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  1. No Name For The Last Tune In This Mix On Mixcloud

    Been listening to this piano house 1991 mix on mixcloud. Every tune has been labelled except the last one. Curious to know what it's called. I'll put a link below.

    Your browser is not...
  2. The Reasons Why I Gave Up My DJ Show On OSA (Revealed)

    Most of you who have been here long enough will know who I am. I joined OSA in March 2011 and it was the 2nd DJ forum I discovered after not getting on with people whilst been on the 1st. I then...
  3. Radio Station In Trouble For Playing 2 Well Known OSA Tunes

    Just thought I'd share this with you lot on OSA where this radio station got slammed at for playing the following tunes.

    Lil Louis - French Kiss
    DJ Frankie Knuckles - Baby Wants To Ride
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    The 100 Greatest OSA Tunes Of All Time

    Now with Billy The Raver admin and the website currently growing I wouldn't be surprised to see this come up as an idea soon. Get users to choose what they think are OSA's best 100 tunes that DJs...
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    Looking Back At Old OSA Schedules

    There are loads but I'll show you 11 just to see how the OSA schedule has changed over the years. All these records are from the time machine. First I'll put a link for the oldest it's got on...
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    Kisstory classify tunes from only 3 years ago as...

    Kisstory classify tunes from only 3 years ago as been oldskool. Lots of younger people will also be joining sooner or later and OSA will eventually have to go up to 2010ish probably after 2020. I...
  7. Guess On What The DJ's Favourite Tunes Are (The 2018 Edition)

    Just thought I would repeat history and do a new 2018 updated edition of a thread I made in 2011 where I guessed 20 active users favourite tunes.

    1. Bod: Awesome 3 - Don't Go (1996 Eurodance...
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    Amnesia Ibiza In 1989

    I'm just wondering who remembers Amnesia in Ibiza back when it was DJ Alfredo before the days of foam machines. In 1991 the club became under new management and became more of what it's like today. ...
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    Poll: Altern 8 Poll

    This poll is based on the tracks I own by Altrern 8 so put other if you like one I've not got
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    A Real Blackburn Party

    Here is the rave that I was taking about in the chat the other week that is believed Reetlad was there in the crowd in February 1990.

    HASLINGDEN Unit 7 Party 1990 : BLACKBURN RAVES : Hardcore...
  11. 1 Hour Take Over Request Show Suggestion

    As there is already a chart show Sundays this is a suggestion that I've come up with for OSA. like BBC Radio 1 have a 10 minute take over OSA should have a 1 hour take over show once a week. These...
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    Timeless Classic ID

    Looking for a tune ID with the following lyrics:

    What you need is a real good friend, what you need is someone to talk to, what you need is a real good friend, I ícan be a real good friend.
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    Old OSA Show From 24th May 2012

    Out of all the shows I've done here only 1 was recorded and remains in the Jonathan1990 achieves on House Mixes from 24th May 2012. It has all the tunes I used to play that got wiped when the old...
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    Jonathan1990 Back 2 Wakefield Mix

    Here is a new mix by Jonathan1990 which was made for my 2nd weekend in Wakefield. It's on soundcloud. The tracklist is below link.

    Back 2 Wakefield The Mix Easter 2016 by Jonathan Milnes | Free...
  15. Missing Set Of Superdan Balls Deep In Italy

    On house mixes Volumes 1 - 4 and 6 - 8 are there including the names of 6 and 7 which are vol 6 In The Zone and vol 7 HitDanHer. Vol 5 is not on there though and is missing. Just wanting to know if...
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    Remembering The Days Of Sunset 102

    It was a radio station in Manchester that played the music OSA plays now I believe. It started on 22nd October 1989 and was made something else on 16th October 1994. A few years later Butty then...
  17. Poll: Jonathan1990's 15 Mile Walk In East Yorkshire

    I did my longest walk yet back in May which was 15 miles from Nafferton to Bridlington in East Yorkshire and used the train. My friend made a film of it and put it on his youtube plus there are also...
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    Jonathan1990 Trips Update Summer 2014

    If some of you were on OSA back in summer 2011 I did an a - z of trips out and posted them on here which was really funny at times. This summer though it's all about old railways on my trips which...
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    This must be sad I founded out as it's all over...

    This must be sad I founded out as it's all over the internet. She must have been a big part of OSA too. I also founded out on her profile she was only 40 which is a young age to pass away at. :(
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    I listen more to radio than watch TV these days. ...

    I listen more to radio than watch TV these days. :)
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    Poll: Exoterix, Void (Diss Cuss Remix) - YouTube...

    Exoterix, Void (Diss Cuss Remix) - YouTube I have this tune which I've played in my slots before. :)
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    I am now on BT Infinity and this is what it came...

    I am now on BT Infinity and this is what it came up with. It is now 46MB download and 16MB upload. On one test though it read 50MB download so my internet is a lot faster now.
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    I am now on BT Broadband and the speed has gone...

    I am now on BT Broadband and the speed has gone from 1.95MB download on Post Office Broadband to 2.82MB download on BT Broadband and here it is but it's still classified as a grade F.
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    My Change Of Internet

    Throughout late June 2013 I'm going to be changing internet. I have created this thread to make to dairy to show people on OSA how my speed improves over the next 3 or 4 weeks. I'm currently on...
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    A Mix That Goes Wrong

    This mix I did was ment to be a hardcore mix but one of the decks was not connected properly so the sound came out even harder and nearly gave everyone a heart attack on deck 2. Enjoy it. :)
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