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    Nice 90's house chugger for id

    1996-05-04 - Ark @ Leeds Uni - DJ Sy part 04 - YouTube

    :D had quite a lot of interest on tune id but sadly no replies.
    Any help with this would be great and appreciated
  2. The "Happy Head Strong" Nights which were as I...

    The "Happy Head Strong" Nights which were as I recall every 2nd Saturday, playing Happy Hardcore, also did Drum & Bass nights.
  3. [QUOTE=neil20vt;793328]i went to bodies from the...

    [QUOTE=neil20vt;793328]i went to bodies from the beginning till the end
    radical c, wisdom, vinyl master ,steve luigi were residents and regulars and great dj's paul taylor, rob tissera to name a...
  4. Body's Gym Mabgate Mills Leeds AKA (U4RIA) Mix Tapes Wanted!!

    Anyone got a Tape from around 93/95 from the Basement aka U4RIA situated at Mabgate Mills, Macauley Street Leeds, Can't Think of the dj's names, only the mc, Mc Alarmin.
    Apparently it was Leeds...
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