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Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th
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Thread: Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th

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    Anthemia presents the 80s March 19th


    Bev Bromley
    My calves are screaming,"don't dance for 2hours in 4 inch heels" lol. X

    Penny Wilson
    It was a brill night Deb...thanks! my feet are killing me today though!

    Sharon Brian
    Great night...credit to you again, great music, venue was good, roll on mersey trip xxx

    Nikki Denny
    I didn't think it could get any betta but IT DID!!! I didn't think it could hurt any more but IT DID!!!! It's all about the tunes and the killer heals...... Quality night AGAIN!!! LOVE IT xxxxxxxx Can't wait till the boat trip!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

    Lyn Savage
    Another great night Debs!!

    I played an old electro hip hop for the first hour and half.
    Absolutely loved hearing all the old choons again, and the mad thing is...Even though I aint played them for over 20 years, I still remembered all the words.

    The new venue 'Leek Central Club' is perfect. Brand new clean toilets that are like the sort that you get in a top class hotel (I kid you not - I thought a butler-type guy was gonna offer me a mint!! - lol). The bar was top notch! No more running out off beer, and you got served very quickly.

    We had two professional photographers from dontstayin.com that were only going to stay for an hour!
    LOL they were helping us pack up in the end. Brilliant

    Total hassle-free clubbing, with lots of serious dancing ALL night NON-STOP.

    As they say above:

    Roll on ANTHEMIA 1st Birthday BOAT TRIP

    Event here: Log in | Facebook

    Peace and Love

    Nick Sheldon


    'Taking those in the know back in time'
    'Clubbing the way it used to be'
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    Jun 2009
    on't hill
    Another quality night in the nice new venue.

    Top peeps as ever. Rammed to the rafters and not 1 ounce of trouble AGAIN!

    Choonage to make you go weak at the knees and throw shapes like a mad fool most of the night.

    Bring on the boat trip for some pure madness .

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