I know it isnt old school but a lot of people live in hudds so i thort i would stick it on and see if someone deletes it.

Went to fabrik after work on sunday thinking that it was going to be a bit shit as the majority of nights put on in huddersfield / advertised by galaxy are, but was suprised to find that it was absoultly brilliant.

The place opened at 2am, we turned up at about 3ish. There was a bit of a que but nothing huge. it was 6 to get in (or 4 with a town center bar payslip) and the drinks were ok priced aswell.

it was bouncing as soon as we got there, the dj was playing funky / tribal house with a bit of oldschool thrown in and there was "bongo dave" with live precussion that consisted of about 8 huge bongo's throwung himself up and down the stage playing like a mad man (he deffinatly makes the night), there was also a guy on the sax playing some quality tunage aswell.

the atmosphere was brilliant, just full of mashed people going for it, it quietened down about 6ish but the music just got better and better as the night went on.

aparently at about 8 they put on a bbq outside, i didnt venture out as i was in no fit state to smell food lol)

we left at about 10ish due to being in work in 2 hours but it was still in full swing.

There was a little chill out room aswell, cant remember what it was playing, but it only had about 10 seats in it.
the only downer on the night was that i had won free tickets on galaxy but had left my fone at my mates on the friday and didnt pick it up until on the way home so i didnt know .

il definatley be there next time, (its on every week on a saturday 2-6 (i think) but the next big event is sunday 28th may)

well worth a look. Its been a long time since there has been a really good night in hudds - or one that iv heard about anyway