Beat, Blackpool, Saturday 27th August.

Well, this did exactly what it said on the flyer.

Quite scary to think that the earliest tune played was from 1986 - nearly 20 years old !

Having trawled the depths of my collection for some classic warehouse and chicago house tunes and stumbling across records I had actually forgotten about, my memory was jerked even further by all the classic house records that all the other dj`s played.

A nice warm up set from Loz Senior and then Greenbinns played his usual mix of hip-hop and raw american house.

What can I say about John J ??? He was there, he helped write the book and it was just brilliant working with him again, and the tunes he played - just classic after classic after classic.

The crowd were simply up for it and helped turn this night into one I will remember for a long while. So many people that I had not seen for years put in an appearance. A brilliant friendly atmosphere - just how it should be. The lunatic performances were far too many to mention but the gold award definitely went to Nigel Moss ( dj from Blackpool`s Bar 137 - if you are ever in town and like funky house the best warm up bar in town) - a one man party if ever there was one.

Todd Terry, Julian Perez, Tyree, Roberta Flack, Nicole, The Jam Machine, Denise Lopez, Stirling Void, Turntable Orchestra, The House Crew, Jomanda, Mr Lee, Fast Eddie, Raze, Keicha Jenkins, Ce Ce Rogers, Inner City, Esther B - I could go on and on - you will get an idea of what was played. We also had everything else from hip-hop to belgian techno and lots in between.

It was also amazing, considering how old these tunes are, how many sound as fresh today as they did all those years ago. It was also good to play and listen to the tunes that were the roots and birth of the dance music scene of today.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was a pleasure to play to such a top crowd.

Simply an excellent night out !!!!