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And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!! And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!! And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!! And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!! And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!!
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BBDD Easter

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Thread: And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!!

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    May 2003
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    And a big shout to the Goodtimes Massive!!!!

    Lol - Ben u were first to post for Hazydayz last week so I'll start by saying...

    DJ NIPPER!!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Top night fella, thank-you very much - lol, my ears are still ringing - but bl**dy hell that boy can DJ. It'll prolly get mentioned loads, but that cutting up of 'Know How'???!!!???!?!?!

    Big, large, massive shout to the OSA people who were there - loads to list, but it was nice to be 'off duty' and able to chat for a while. Lol, Ben we still didn't - I will deffo see u on the 24th....


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    May 2003
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    Urghhghghhrhr - That was my six hundred and sixty sixth post.... .

    Just a quick note to say thanks again (and make it 667!!!!)


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    Feb 2004
    i had quiet a good night too!!!!!!!!!! nipper was well good errrmmm couldnt get in to the rest ov the night prob cos me JFTB butty rabbitcity and noz had an all day session that day an bin out the night b4 and wasnt feelin up to my best dance'd my big arse off tho to all ov nippers set

    Joker thankx 4 the cardigan oh btw i still have it on so if its ok will giv it u at hazydayz

    shabber i love u sooooo much u kept me smilin all night and thanx 4 askin if i was ok every 2 mins showes that u care

    S-J thanks 4 the make up tips will b givin them ago soon and dont think i have forgot about our shoppin trip cos i aint

    northan minx thanx 4 the groap once again always nice to get me breasts grabbed by a sexy lady half way through the night

    sweet sensation u are soooo beautyfull too meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! u is sooo luvly

    lou lou u are the sweetest ever thanx 4 the brew was very nice

    retro andy u were sooooo was well funny thanks 4 checkin on me through the night too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vickie u are such a pleasure too talk 2

    miss c an liquid E u are just georg the pair ov yas

    dannster thanks 4 payin the taxi there let us know if we owe u anythin

    ste huxley sorry if u was offend'd by me askin u if u drank all my vodka but u was the 1st person i saw when i looked up i love u really sorrryyy

    cano and claire u too are little luv's and claire u was right about it b'in ur turn

    jaxxyy thanks for the funny joaks that it took me a while 2 get on 2 sorry i dint giv u a kiss b4 i went i forgot about u till i got in the car but have thease 4 now xxxxxxxxx

    DJbenfisher thanks 4 lettin us all in ur home

    dennit i think that was ur name was nice too meet ya

    jonnykip i feel the caution

    sorry if i have missed every 1 well i have been a wake for 48 hours and not eatin since friday afernoon
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    Jul 2003
    In a great big puddle of Wrong!!
    God That guy can DJ!!!

    You knew that Nipper had arrived in the house.....

    Thanks going out to each and every single one of you this weekend!! Love You all very very much....

    The whole night delivered.... Nuff Respect...

    S-J xx

    Knowledge is the cure for ignorance, stupidity is untreatable!!!!

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    Feb 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by K-T
    jonnykip i feel the caution

    errrrmmm wot is this all about feel wot caution i was fallin asleep when i wrote this and cant u tell sorry johnnykip dont even know y that came in my head

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    Jul 2001
    Planet E
    >>ste huxley sorry if u was offend'd by me askin u if u drank all my vodka but u was the 1st person i saw when i looked up i love u really sorrryyy

    No offence taken love

    I must admit tho I did have a double shot out of it but not like half a bottle lol

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    Jul 2001
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    OK quick review
    I did my special turning up at the last min and that lol

    Best GT Ive been to in a while, good works guys

    Nice tunes from everyone, Nipper played a blinder, which I was pretty chuffed about

    Good atmos and plenty of punters in yeah mega night

    Cheers to Ben for letting me go back to yours
    I tried to get in Bens breadbin for some reason

    I have also discovered biro pen tattoos under my arm pit and popeye style ones on my arms, Agagaggagagagagagagagaga, Olive etc lol
    I think Shabba and Jonnykip were involved there but I couldnt be sure

    Shouts to everyone on the OSA

    Wonder if Dannster is still talking in that funny voice, cos that was quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard

    Me jaxx n Joker doing cross breeds of different animals to make a new animal was well funny

    Thought Id better go home in the afternoon as I would have decended into stej Madness.

    Mega thanks, to Dann for lift down and to Joker for lift back to my house

    Head in bin still so bye

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    Apr 2002
    Well wat a great night. Nipper was awesome even got up to the decks to see him work his magic.

    A fantastic turn out by us lot again. Possibly the biggest at gt's apart from the osa party.

    Big thanks to all of ya's for turning up. To Ben for the use of his house and decks lol. To the organisers for a great night. To jen and va for the drving you did for me and to S-J where would we be without you chick

    Big thanks to Lou Lou for keeping me straight lol

    Sorry about the mess at yours ben btw. I didnt have any energy left at all or i would have helped.

    I am sure at some point i offended you on sat ste btw. Can't remember wat about but ya know nothing was meant Ya a top lad and the nights aren't the same without ya

    And you K-T bet thats the last time you get wrecked two nights in a row lol. You needed checking up on too. Ya didnt look to well but then again neither did i


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    Mar 2004


    what a night! My first goodtimes and I loved it, great crowd, great atmosphere, loved the music!

    Sorry I couldn't stay long, Had to dash at about 1.15 to caine it down the M1 at 90 in my 27 year old car and pre-flyer the Sanctuary for MISSION vs Goodtimes in July.

    DJ Nipper was amazing, that man can scratch like no other! Was impressed with the first few mins of Bens set too, sorry I missed the rest!

    Hope I can stay all night for the next one!

    Chris @ MISSION

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    Jul 2001
    @ GT HQ
    well were do i start eh ?? lol

    First off GOODTIMES would like to thank all that attended what was a very spec night night not just for Goodtimes . . but myself also . . waited a long time for this night . lolol the vibe and tunes were all spot on evey dj playin a diff style set . . and nipper well what can i say apart from . . YOU THE MAN !! lol not bad to say he aint done it in years . said to me b4 he went on . i might be a little rusty . he he . if that was rusty . cant wait till the guy gets goin . that young mc cuttin and scratchin blew my mind , as it did every one elses prolly . . lol youll be seein this guy back at Goodtimes next month also after that performance .

    anyway big thanks to every one glad you all had a good night . . lets just say . This is gonna be the first of many from now on that WE can promise you

    and Thanks also for every one back at mine ( i aint even gonna attempt to list you all . dont think ive ever had that many ppl in my house at one time b4 . lol . . cant really rmemeber much yet its all still a blur ( i over done it a little . lol didnt stop till bout 12am lst night . lol . . can only really remeber the breadbin incident with mr ste h . . ( its was that easy ste only person ive ever met that couldnt open a bread bin . lol . . . .

    anyway thanks again . . there is some various items been elft at mine ( i think , clothes etc ) if anyone is missin anything pm me . .

    reet need to go lie down . as im feelin quite dizzy right now . lol . .

    roll on HAZY DAZY eh
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    Jan 2003
    the universe!
    wot a nite!

    ben thanks so much for your hopsitality and for bringing Nipper back! i was in my element
    gotta say, i went and had a chat with him after his set and wot a cracking down to earth bloke he was, we were talking all about our hacketts days etc and he really was lovely, oh and for the girls, he is friggin gorgeous so am defo lookin forward to a boogie with him at hazydays..

    was fantastic to share such a fabulous nite with all, nice sitting for a chill and chat too..
    mart, nice one, top bloke u r.

    bens was proper good crack, everyone on top form, quality conversations and quality laughs, we really trully are a very lucky bunch, i sat there in the quiet moments and felt blessed to know u all

    not doing the name list thing, coz all u spesh ones know exactly who u are and the rest of ya are friggin ace too!
    but, is sprewell is ok now, hope so?
    and, tall paul, grad, princess warrior and shooms, i missed yas all.. please please play out at the next hazy


    There really is no use banging ya head against that same brick wall and expecting a different result!

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    Aug 2003
    sexipussi's moist warm hole
    Just wish i'd got some sleep on friday so i could have appreciated GT on saturday (thanks But&Jen). Was a night of spectating for me as i struggled to even walk to the bar. Looked like a blinding night though.

    Nipper was on form though werent he, sure he aint been practising. Did his classic mixes like the double playin with knives and the young mc medley.

    All in all a top night though with a good turn out. I'll be theyre again but definatley stayin in the night before.

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    Jul 2001
    Planet E
    >>I am sure at some point i offended you on sat ste btw.

    nah m8, you didnt. You got the wrong end of the stick fella, whatever it was Everything sweet

    My mixes free to download and now, OSA Radio Archive of past mix shows and my Old Skool Ringtones!

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    Jan 2004
    just woke up after a days sleep feck i needed that ...............

    first -- a big nice one to EASTY for the lift - that was one mad mini bus journey (lol)
    BEN FISHER - nice to meet you at last - thats one good night you,ve got going there fella , pulled off a masterstroke getting nipper on - nice one - nice friendly security as well which is always a bonus
    RABBIT CITY,K-T,NOZ - you need to knock them two nighters on the head LOL ya space cadets nice to see yas again anyways
    JOKER - always a pleasure
    MARKIC - really nice to see you again its been a few years mate and you were just like the bolwers days eh
    S-J + MC MADDOX - remember them bowlers pics next time (lol)
    SHABBA - nice to see you again
    M-JAXX - top top jokes - where do ya get em from
    NORTHEN MINX - really nice to meet you
    SWEET SENSATION - really nice to meet you too an if you can sort out what you said that would be mucho appreciated
    RETRO ANDY - only spoke brief but seem top guy anyways
    SPREWELL - hope ya feelin better mate
    STE HUXLEY - nice to meet you as well - ya dont look your age btw

    think thats everyone sorry if i missed anyone off ....

    see ya all at hazy days
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    Jun 2003


    thanks to ben, mc maddox and the rest of the crew for a top night......nippers was class especially the mix with 2 copies of bizzare inc - playin with knives and some fast cross fade action
    welly played a good set as well
    cheers to all the osa crew for making me feel welcome as well ....had to leave early but all is fine now...see you all soon

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