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Thread: Hi from a DJ from the past

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    Atherton, under the bridge
    Reminder: Legends DJ Steve Williams is playing live on Legends Radio Fri 19th February

    Follow the link below for a guaranteed radio slot - we now have upped the capacity for 50 slots, so please join the board / forum, & get your names down & join in the fun in the shout box on the night.

    Legends Warrington • View topic - Steve Williams live on Legends Radio Fri Feb 19th

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    the alarm was a classic and regular

    somebody always had the idea of the fire alrm.i remember queing for ages to get in then when i got to the front i lost all my bearings and and had to sit in the phone box till i came round. oh the joy of raving
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Williams View Post
    Cheers ,No didnt ever play in Ashton.

    Matt cheers!! I did all the Kaos nights and played those mixes and Seperate minds.
    Kaos at the warehouse was funny especially when there was a full club inside and the same amount of people outside trying to get in.
    Then someone would have the idea of setting the fire alarms off .
    Everyone had to then leave the building letting twice as many back in once the alarm was cleared.
    My all time favourite nights had to be Frenzy in Blackpool the Belgian New Beat stuff I played then was so different,This type of music seems to have been overlooked as it ran for such a short period of time in its underground format.
    When I went over to Amsterdam I used to buy lots of it from Boudisque Records most of it never reached UK record shops.
    I dont want to do a top 10 yet until after Piraterevival as I will be playing them then and want to keep you guessing....

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    still in the gallery (leeds )
    Quote Originally Posted by matt1972 View Post
    or an all time favourite Kaos top ten purlease, although I suspect the two will be the same?
    Oh, by the way, many thanks for a helluva lot of good memories!!!!
    sounds a tip top idea as i went to kaos back int day and to both reunions .

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    Quote Originally Posted by brady View Post
    feat Tony Hannan & Steve Williams

    Did the radio set ever happen?!?!

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    swear blind i seen you and sasha at sequins in 90,not seen heard

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Williams View Post
    Anyone remember these nights I did :-

    Thunderdome Manchester
    Thunderdome Warrington
    Hacienda Manchester
    Legends Warrington
    Frenzy Blackpool
    Shaboo Blackpool
    Kaos Leeds
    And every illegal warehouse party from 1988-1991 blackburn,middleton,leeds

    Love to hear from anyone who went and lived it!!
    Know ive ducked out for over 13 years but just thought id ask also like to hear if its worth giving my rare tracks one last time out.....

    Regards EX DJ Steve Williams

    Open to answer any questions you may like to ask about this time : )
    I must of been off my nut more than i thought...i swear blind i heard you n sasha at sequins in 90..mite of been late 89
    ..probably wrong..must of been jenks..anyways it was a good night if you was or wasnt there,all the best

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