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Thread: Eclipse track

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    May 2018

    Eclipse track

    Howdy after a bit of help.I have been after Eclipse this is eclipse for many a year now the og is big bucks. It has been however been bootlegged a few times. So here are my questions what are the bootlegs called? i can not find em anywhere are they also expensive?
    Which one sounds the best? Been after this tune for years and years. Any help much appreciated.

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    Sep 2018

    considering how rare it is....worth investing, and to keep 100% rating on Scogs is fkn hard so I would say that chap has good standards.

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    May 2018
    Thank you PKI. Will have a butchers. Anyone know what the sound quality is like on this release.

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    Mar 2012
    Hi beav,
    first of all dude welcome to the site

    I have a copy of this and its a cracking EP - all tracks sound great.
    Ive had a couple off that seller, and he's rock solid.

    as PKI said - get yersel in chat - we're quiet during the week. Its a hobby site, and we're getting old, but it gets a bit busier towards weekend

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