Hi all, seriously long time no speak and I hope you are all very well?

I hope it's okay to post this in here? Feel free to remove if it isn't appropriate.

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Ron Wells earlier this year. We have a crowd funded "Jungle Techno" release planned through the Music Preservation Society website on Ron's label Sound Entity

Details to order are here >>


Links to listen to all tracks in full are here >>

Ron Wells & Daniel Silk - Hi Tek - YouTube

Ron Wells & Daniel Silk - LImitless - YouTube

Ron Wells & Daniel Silk - Sidereal - YouTube

Ron Wells & Daniel Silk - We Make Techno - YouTube

We both thank you to everyone who has supported so far, we are so close to making this happen so every order helps.

T's & C's below.......

This Record is Crowd Funded and the amount made depends on how many people order it but likely to be no more than 300 - 500. By Pre ordering you reserve your copy and agree to wait for them to be made!

Once manufacturing has begun no refund will be given unless the item is faulty upon delivery. This is a process that takes at least ten weeks from us ordering but we are doing what we can to improve this.

In the event that there are delays in the manufacturing process we will update this listing and email. Regular updates are also posted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrivatePlates/