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Thread: Fyi

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    Apr 2004
    ont rampage

    Thumbs down Fyi

    hiya, just thought everyone may be interested in the fact that upon my return from a festival recently, i discovered this.....Fyi-21222381_10155432507405751_1950459743_o-jpg..

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    Last edited by veee; 10th September 2017 at 11:21 AM. Reason: hacked as fook

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    Sep 2004
    Hi Vee,
    Don't quite know when the pictures are telling me as my collection is always a fookin mess but know the pride you have n clearly something wrong

    All I can say is hope all gets sorted, always thought your an absolute diamond n wish you n family all the best


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    Dec 2002
    How things have changed in 3 years since I left. I used to insure my records but the insurer was never bothered about theft as records are large, heavy and inconvenient.

    Usually record thefts are inside jobs as the thief needs to know the music, want the music or want somebody who does and be bothered to go to the effort. Last record collection theft I can remember was 92 when a friend had the lot stolen but we all knew who did it but could not prove it.

    Sorry to see your loss


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