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What was your favorite club night? What was your favorite club night? What was your favorite club night? What was your favorite club night? What was your favorite club night?
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Thread: What was your favorite club night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brown29 View Post
    Shelley's helped progress alot of DJ's careers including Nipper, Sasha's and Dave Seaman's...
    imho, Delite@ shelly's was just the ultimate night. From late august when Sasha started, through to around may, when the fire restrictions applied and Sasha was no longer resident the place just ruled, think I missed only one friday in that period, the first night he played whitney/leftfeild, my mate's were going mental about it in the que the next week. after that for my things moved on, both musically and curturally, it was simply never the same again. The peak of it all was definatly easter friday '91, I have the tape! the music, clapps, shaker song, last rhythm ect will never be supassed, imho.

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    We have Dave seaman in September for our birthday who was a shellys legend. Really looking forward to hearing them tunes.

    here is link to a Shellys reunion mix he did. Is class

    Dave Seaman - Shelleys Reunion Classics Mix

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    I was a Shelleys looooon and I didn't miss any friday nights from jan 91 till the end, apart from a couple when I was turfed out by the door staff ( goes to Eclipse round corner \o/ falls over cos of the wobbly dance floor)...Dave Seaman was the man...Sasha was/is revered as the top boy at the time and you can't deny how innovative and forward thinking he was with it all...but, DS and Ralphy fkn rocked the joint every time they played and the club went super-nova after Sasha threw his toys out of the pram IMO...Sasha really came into his own with the advent of Renaissance and the bigger system/venue sound...it was all fkn top banana and I'm glad I was there to experience it ....
    What was your favorite club night?-shelleys-jpg
    What was your favorite club night?-dsc00552-jpg
    What was your favorite club night?-dsc00554-jpg

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    Renaissance@Cross...Ossia & Dawson playing b2b...totally mint!
    "Music is the basis of all life... Without music, we have no meaning... No joy... And no soul. It comes from the inner most thoughts...And emotions. Music is a celebration of life... CELEBRATE LIFE!"


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    I have been to a gatecrasher night at the UEA Norwich probably about 3 Miss Money-pennies Nights up the UEA when they were on tour. A mixmag night were I saw Danny Rampling who is so good live. Their has been so many great DJ's up the UEA Norwich.

    Another old skool forum you might want to check out

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    Meltdown at Blaises in Middlesbrough 1992 - The only place you would find hardcore in the North East at the time. Dingy little sweatbox and fantastic atmosphere.

    But it would be hard to define my fav club night ever as went to so many during the early to mid 90s and liked to mix it up.

    Sasha at the Arena in Boro 1992 was immense, then within 7 months i was frequenting Rezerection monthly in Edinburgh.
    It sometimes feels like a strange movie, you know, it's all so weird that sometimes I wonder if it is really happening.

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    In a funky space in Stockport & Cornwall
    For me there is no guessing, Wednesday night was the start to the weekend, Saturday night the last dance. One floor at the Hacienda!

    Absolutely some of the best nights of my life, people music venue dj's it all came together - right time right moment.

    Loved Shelleys, Legends, Ku and venus too but Hac had it all

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