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  1. Hi mate, What's going on?? I saw you are pissed off but have no idea what happened?
  2. Hi Greg, You need to get yourself over on Home Of House buddy. We have absolutely loads of Bangkok mixes for download on there. You started posting a while back, but haven't done since? You need to post 20 post to gain full access to the download forums, and you have already made 15 posts so not many to go. Trust me, it's worth it. I run Home of House so know just how awesome it is.
    Cheers, Henry
  3. Hi there,

    Here are the Seb and Rampling links with their passwords. I've seen that you have been pretty proactive on here sharing sets etc for the last few months, so am happy to pass them on to you You will have noticed that activity and sharing on forums like OSA have died right down which is such a shame. This is due to people coming on here, downloading the mixes and the selling them on ebay or their own Mix Selling sites. Many of us don't agree with this, as for example the majority of mixes that I have shared are ripped by me from the original tapes that I have spend money collecting over the years. The fact that others are profiting from me goodwill drives me mad! I love sharing music with people for them to enjoy, but them making money from it is a no no for me. The other problem is people sharing the links on Facebooks, SoundCloud and MixCloud etc. The sellers scout those places to find new mixes to sell, so again it's not great.

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