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Allow me to introduce myself.... Allow me to introduce myself.... Allow me to introduce myself.... Allow me to introduce myself.... Allow me to introduce myself....
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Thread: Allow me to introduce myself....

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    Jun 2018

    Allow me to introduce myself....

    Hello everyone! Im Kathryn - I work with NiPPER! Maybe I will change my username to Kipper to make it more obvious I am usually the voice of the elusive Mr NiPPER himself!

    I am also a promoter of a few lttle oldskool gigs, 1 was the hackets reunion in blackpool and the other the current night we put on @hidden in Manchester called The Secret!

    I mainly work closely wil Nipz on everything and anything he is doing with regards to music! I manage his Bookings, his press his PR his social media accounts, and then also work together on his record labels called No Fakerz Records & Zetetix Records.

    I also work closely with Nipz as he blogs about his Bi polar and mental health issues and run the oldskool shop subscription service which offers his entire bak catalogue of edits and remixes for a one off 20 fee fpr a years subscription and includes any future releases and over 75 already included!

    My fella is Robbie Avery - another oldskool DJ, so you can see im surrounded by old skool everywhere i turn, my passion is mainly for Electro, Breakbeat but also in love. With anything funk and soul inspired!

    Anyhow -thats little old me! Kathryn - Kipper or Wierdo as Nipper likes to call me!

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    Mar 2012
    welcome back Kipper!

    tell Nipz Butty said he owes him a set

    be nice to get a couple of elusive exclusives from Paul & Robbie \o/

    enjoy the site

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