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how do how do how do how do how do
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Thread: how do

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    Mar 2018

    how do

    quick intro of my self..
    used to be into the club scene for quite a while.. loved it!! Started clubbling propper in 93 from school.
    wigan pier
    kinetic (untill it shut down)
    Doncaster Wharehouse was my home for a while and the ocasional trip to Uprising in sheffieild.. "BYO"
    been to helter skelter a fair few times and dreamscape once..

    dont know much about the scene now.. sold my decks a while ago.. still got my Vinyl.. mostly Happy hardcore.. be good to here some of the Life bowlers stuff from back in the day...

    anyway cant beleive ive never come accross this place...

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    Jun 2004
    Behind You
    Welcome on board I'm sure you will hear lots of bowlers tracks on the radio

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