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A re-introduction really. A re-introduction really. A re-introduction really. A re-introduction really. A re-introduction really.
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Thread: A re-introduction really.

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    A re-introduction really.

    Hey folks,

    Used to come on here all the time, and a quick search has told me that it looks like I joined in 2002.

    I was into Italian Synth 94/95 stuff for Years as thats what I played as a resident at a North East "rave" club, but then went to trance/house-ish stuff. I discovered OSA and in doing so this opened up a World of quality music that was waaaaaaay more my style. 91/92/93 stuff, etc.

    I knew some of the tunes, but not loads ............... anyway, made some great friends on here, and got completely sick of the 94/95 stuff so sold most of it. Kept a lot of older and newer stuff, but completely lost interest in DJ'ing a few Years ago, and have hardly bothered since.

    Sold my decks, got more, sold them again and got a Pioneer XDJ-RX as I do like new progressive stuff, and like to play now and again (for myself in the house, etc).

    Had a few little sessions recently, and been tuning in to OSA radio again, and can feel the bug coming back, so ordered some more decks. Will have a bit of a play on them to get my hand in again, and will then look to maybe do the odd bit on the radio.

    New faces here now, but still a lot of the old familiar ones - still a cracking site, and still quality radio and chat.

    Hope to catch some of you before too long

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    Welcome back to oldskool therapy Marty
    some of the first gen OSA still about but mainly a newer crowd about mainly playing the usual 88-94 shizzle.

    Enjoy dude \o/

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    Welcome back marty nice to meet you, not really into early house, like early hardcore but not house. Late 94 is when I started listening to house. Anyhow enough about me, welcome back defiantly like you I love the later proggesive house 97 98 99 2000 and later, I am into my Hi Fi as well and tapes really do sound shit on decent hi fi and really don't want to spend a ton of money on hi fi just to listern to shitty old tapes. Don't get me wrong I love my old skool tapes, but cd,s do sound that much better and progessive house and the newer stuff just sound sweet on my marantz 6004 pair up with my tannoy m3 floorstander, both 5 star awarding winning hi fi.

    I know I am pretty much a lone with my taste in house with people from my generation most like the early stuff. But as I only listern to house and hardcore I have moved forward with my tastes and I can listern to stuff as late as 2009 and enjoy it.
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    Keeping The Oldskool Alive!!!

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