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Thread: Back after parenting duties

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    Back after parenting duties

    Its been nearly 6 years since i have been on here i think. in that time, my twin girls were born and they now love listening to Old Skool Anthemz. its only taken them 6 years to appreciate!!!! My CDj's are long gone, sadly. But I did my 1st DJ set last weekend in over 10 years and can confidentially say im back with a vengeance!!! I picked up a used Hercules DJControl instinct in great nik for 30 a couple of weeks ago and have to say that using it with Mixxx free software is awesome. I still have have all of my CDPool CD's from the early to mid 90's which have been buried in the back of a cupboard. Dug them out last week and spent many a late night ripping them to mp3. (over 160 in total). The gig went down a storm and i was surprised to find the 18 year olds who's party it was love old skool too. (Their grandmothers not so keen). Keep up the good work OSA... My girls love the crossfader. Starting them early

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    nice swan welcome back... long live the old skool in all its guises.

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    Welcome back aboard - be nice to see you in the chatty

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