Hi guys - I have been told by a friend to try this site as I am playing out this Friday, downloaded my set list (from youtube converter) and checked with the club as I am playing on Serato for the first time (vinyl)
I have been told that I need quality files so I'm stuffed if I don't find these tunes on MPS asap
I will pay for them - Can anyone help?
Here's where I'm playing and yes I've sold my vinyl so no alternative! - Louise

All Rude Boys - Boomtown Records
Fould Play Vol 1 - Ragatere
Neuromancer - Pennywise Original 1992
NHS - Doc Scott Disco Mix
I see you around - Nino - The Gun (Production House)
Under me Sensi (Legalize it) Barrington Levey Rebel MC
Who Jah Bless - Studio 2
Wonderful - Remo Don - Kickin records
Musics so wonderful DJ Vibes
D Livin - Why
Hitman Cutty Ranks (Marvellous Cain Remix)
Cooking up your Brain (4 Hero RIV1214)
Criminal Minds - Headhunter 1 (mind dub)
Zero B - Lock Up
16 Pyrogenic - Fell it (Tec Mix)
Project One - roughneck
Criminal Minds - Baptised by Dub
The Nightbreed - Movement One EP - The Prophetic Child
(they are not in order )
hope someone can help - many thanks Louise
Heres where I'm playing! https://www.facebook.com/events/277426829098546/