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one of my many rave days one of my many rave days one of my many rave days one of my many rave days one of my many rave days
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Thread: one of my many rave days

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    one of my many rave days

    dunno if this is the right section to tell funny rave stories but this is how i remember it...i was at a club called 'empire' or it might of been 'carlton inn anyway it was in morecambe back in 91 and me n a few mates went..obviously we got a bit excited on our way down the motorway and munched most of the gaz abletts and blackpool marching powder..strong back then but lovely..anyways when we got in obviously all our heads exploded and i ended up having a standing up competition with a lad called mick from fleetwood..'he won'..going off track but i'll never forget this bloke dancing on a huge speaker bout 7 ft high wearing swimming trunks..arm bands..a snorkel and a mask..he looked at me sat on the deck wasted and said..'dont worry mate,if you cant swim just tread water,never forget that..dunno why..anyways what felt like ten seconds later the club was shut,my mate who had the car was disco bikkied off his nut so couldnt drive so i was told to do it,so me him n two girls jumps in the 'mg montego'..oh yeah mg,posh as fuck back in them days..were going back to blackpool on the M61 i think whatever the motorway is from morecambe to blackpool and i see dick turpin driving a 6 horse carriage in the slow lane so obviously i indicate move into the middle and do a perfect manouvre..the lass in the passenger seat says 'why you go in the middle lane?'..i say 'because i didnt want to hit dick turpin and the horse carriage'......FUCKIN PULL OVER NOW IM DRIVING she said...and she took us back to fleetwood where we were all dossin at the time....one of the stories i can actually remember from them days...buzzin times loved em...hope you found it funny,andy
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