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Is this site secure? Is this site secure? Is this site secure? Is this site secure? Is this site secure?
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Thread: Is this site secure?

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    Feb 2012

    Is this site secure?

    Does anyone know if this site is safe to browse through? Im not very computer/technical minded, but it seems to be under a constant barrage of attack from bots/spam etc. Is this normal? Just wanted to know whether my computer will come under attack too? Cheers

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    Aug 2012
    Probably yes Howy. Simple text message never did any harm to whole computer yet from what i heard.
    I myself am not bothered a bit, especially since japanese spam robot cuz im studying the language. So more of this please mr/mrs CessCleflyTaf!
    Course if you still feel insecure bout your pc, better let somebody take care of it you kno..
    Ill pm you me postal adress if those bastids invade your system.

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    May 2015
    No this web site is not secure or it would have the green padlock or just a padlock at the top depending what you using for browsing. so what that's means that any sensitive data you add to this website can easily accessed by fraudsters as this website is not secure as a Web site with a SSL. If you want to know if a website is secure always look out for the padlock at the top. But as this web site does not take credit card payments I don't really see it being a big issue.

    Just make sure the password you are using via this website, is not the same as other passwords that you use for any other web site were you do use credit cards, as your data is not secure on this web site.
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