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is it ok to play 1998-2005 is it ok to play 1998-2005 is it ok to play 1998-2005 is it ok to play 1998-2005 is it ok to play 1998-2005
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Thread: is it ok to play 1998-2005

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    Brian (DJB) Guest

    Talking is it ok to play 1998-2005

    hi chaps just want to know is it ok to play 1998-2005 progressive stuff on Sunday ?

    Cheers Brian

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    Mar 2012
    Hi Bri,
    The site is oldskool so mid 2000ís is a bit too new.

    Please have a read of the thread in the dj section which should help to clarify matey:

    * Music Policy Change *

    Basically up to the end of the 90s is ok. If you canít find enough tunes to play in approx 15 year era - you ainít trying . . .


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    Mar 2012
    I hear what you are saying Lou, but I don't think that the goal posts have moved at all.
    The site caters for tunes up to around 2000 - surely that's plenty of scope, otherwise there's no point in having site that is oldskool . . .

    Of course this is debatable with members and their opinions are valid. Newer tunes are played on site that are in the spirit of the era such as new Alfredo, GT system, late 90's remixes of classics etc etc etc, but a set of 2005 tunes is not oldskool is it?

    variety is the spice of life, and there is plenty of variation in a period of electronic dance music from the late 80's to the millenium.

    Be interesting to hear the opinions of others, but that's mine

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    Sep 2004
    I think itís a difficult one.. perhaps Butty should state wether thatís still the position.

    Iv seen quite a lot of listings in Ebay class stuff from 97-2005 as old skool- particularly when it comes to trance.

    Iíd also say tha disco is old skool - house pretty much came from disco and I do like a bit of disco.

    I also agree with Butty in the fact the the site needs a clear identity.

    I dunno if 10 year or pre-2000 guideline should be implemented - I also think a bit of common sense is required.

    I donít see the harm in the Ďoddí set and certainly no harm in the odd newer tune but for me the site should be focused on old skool and perhaps 1980-2000 is a good range.

    Rules are made to be broken anyways

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    Mar 2011
    Kisstory classify tunes from only 3 years ago as been oldskool. Lots of younger people will also be joining sooner or later and OSA will eventually have to go up to 2010ish probably after 2020. I know there are still a lot of older DJs here like Bod and Superdan that specialise in late 1980s and early 1990s music.

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    May 2015
    I personally think that is a massive scope, 1980 to 2000, I like from 1995 and up and some earlier stuff, a lot of my generation don't like pass 1995. I was a late starter to house so I started from the middle of 94. I really don't care my self I have house as late as 2014 in my collection.

    If you started playing later stuff would you scare of your loyal listeners or would it bring some new core listeners in. Would you get more listeners.

    I am happy the way it is, as that scope is massive. That's my 10 cents on this subject.
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