OSA Radio Slot:

Every now and again at the w/e and with superdan on a tuesday




North West

Preffered styles:

Italian House

Been Playing For:

1 years


Been attempting to dj for at least 4 years but now only just got the hang of it. Been into oldskool since i had a tape from bowlers NYE 94, never got chance to see life at bowlers (was compulsion for me) this tape has drivin me thru my musical life. Then met new ppl and more types of oldskool was opened up to me, all the while confirming my true calling and love for italian house music I have done a good few radio sessions and also warmed up for fish pants at goodtimes.


Clubexhilaration - club mocha - huddersfield - oct 2007 ~ present

Up Coming Gigs:

club exhilaration - mocha - huddersfield - 20th oct 2007
club exhilaration - mocha - huddersfield - 24th nov 2007
club exhilaration - mocha - huddersfield - 22nd dec 2007
club exhilaration - mocha - huddersfield - NYE

Past Guest Spots:

* Goodtimes - Mocha - Huddersfield (warm up)


The HitDan & her


Wish you were here? Superdans bday radio seesion


Either by Private Message or veebird11@hotmail.com