OSA Radio Slot:
Guest slots from time to time



Preffered styles:
All ranges of old skool 88-98. inc the earlier stuff, harder stuff, anthemy stuff, cheesey stuff & all the bits inbetween

Been Playing For:
8 years'ish

Got into old skool in 98 and started OSA up not long after. Maximes in wigan is to blame for pretty much everything thats happened in my life after then. Before then i was having it to the likes of paul van dyk, fatboy slim etc etc, oh dear oh dear.

Anyways started OSA up, got some decks and from there it all went a bit mental. The site grew, the knowledge of the tunes grew, the gigs played at grew, about the only thing that didnt grow was me!

Nowadays i keep busy by developing OSA, also started up another site tuneID.com to cater for the id massive. And in my spare time i run a design/printing business Reflex Media - Complete Media Solutions

Upcoming Gigs:
All gigs that im on at will be in the events section stickied at the top here

Residencies/Past Residencies:
* Maximes Back To The Old Skool (Wigan)
* Timeless Nation (Liverpool)
* Timeless The Zoo (Manchester)
* Timeless The Music Box (Manchester)
* Back By Dope Demand (Manchester)
* Vision Classix The Blue Rooms (Manchester)
* Vision Classix Denvers (Manchester)
* Going Back To Your Roots Courtneys (Manchester)

Past Guest Spots:
* Hypnotic Club One Eleven (Blackpool)
* Vibealite Mission Leeds
* Back To The Old Tunes North (Manchester)
* Reunion & Space (Huddersfield)
* Hazydayz (Liverpool)
* Dance Era The Music Box (Manchester)
* Rotation (Manchester)
* Luv2Luv (Wigan)
* Substance (Oldham)
* Missing In Manchester (M2)
* Dance Era Elemental (Manchester)
* Good Times The Kube Club (Wakefield)
* Hypnotic Club Platinum (Halifax)
* The Worx (Preston)
* Bass 2 Bounce Maxwells (Bury)
* To The Old Skool (Todmorden)
* Missing (Manchester)

Timeless The Album
Head Rippers 1
Different Strokes For Different Folks

Gold Member Mixes (gold membership required to download - see here:
Live @ Maximes Nov '02
Live @ Maximes Jan '01
Live @ Timeless Sep '06
Timeless Classic Sets Vol 4
Back By Dope Demand Vol 1
Back By Dope Demand Vol 2
Back By Dope Demand Vol 3
Back By Dope Demand Vol 4
Back By Dope Demand Vol 5
Back By Dope Demand Vol 6
Back By Dope Demand Vol 7
Back By Dope Demand Vol 8
Back By Dope Demand Vol 9
Back By Dope Demand Vol 10

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