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20th November 2009, 04:31 AM
Ive listened to some funny stories over the years and got a few of my own.
I have been doing my family tree online and was talking to one of my nans friends trying to get some info from days gone by.
Anyway She was with her grandson whos about 25 and he said his great grandad was a farmer and he had loads of animals. Now the funny bit.

He said his Great grandad had took the horse out to do a bit of work on the farm and it was a roasting hot day so he was not to happy having to go work in the fields. So off he went anyway said goodbye to his wife and trotted off onto the farm field. The horse was playing up because it was so hot and wasnt pulling the plough or cart or something anyway he got out to dig somit up outa the field in front of the horse as he bent over to dig, the horse took one look and bite him on the arse. Munch, He then turned around and was so angry He punched the horse right in the face.

The horse neighed really loud. Not thinking at all because he was so pissed off he layed a knock out punch on the horses face and you know what horses heads are like there like bricks. He broke his hand and had to go back with the horse to his wife.
When he got home she asked him what had happened he then told her the story she laughed and the story was then passed onto there son when he got older and so on.

Knowing what my grandad was like when he was pissed off I just emagined him trying to spark a horse out.:naughty: Bang and the horse is gone lol..
I dont know why but it really made me laugh the thought of the horse having a munch on his bum and then getting clocked and Neighing really loudly.

Funny or what... Mike tyson eat ya heart out. BING:thumbsup: