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28th September 2009, 05:10 PM
OSA Radio Slot:
Saturdays 9pm - 11pm (and various stages of the night at weekends)



Preffered styles:
Chicago, Hip House, Acid, Italian, Balearic/Ambient

Been Playing For:
19 years

Been messing around with music since I was about 7 when my sis bought me my first 12" Herbie Hancock - Rockit. Me and my mates were into the breakdance movies round 83 Beat Street , Wild Style etc. I cut a slipmatt from a RUN DMC record sleeve and used to scratch on my sisters old record player until i broke the stylus and she kicked shit out of me lol:$
Been buying records on and off for years now and getting more into the 89 sound than ever although I still give the Italian piano a run out as a reminder of my teenage years at Jenks :)

Upcoming Gigs:

Past Guest Spots:
various pubs and parties in the north west
White Noise - North Bar Blackburn
resident at Automatic summer 2007 - Bury playing funky house
In My House
Retro Trax Liverpool
Retro Trax Fleetwood
Saturday 23rd April 2011 Pepes Birthday at Zanzibar My 40th Saturday 21st May Birthday Party - Zanzibar, Liverpool - Old Skool Anthemz (http://www.oldskoolanthemz.com/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&day=2011-4-23&e=2473&c=1)
My Birthday Bash http://www.oldskoolanthemz.com/forum/chillout-room/102351-bod-bernies-birthday-may-21st.html
Bak2wax Oct 2011
Bak2wax 2nd event Nov 2011
BBDD room at Bowlers S2S
Rejuvenation Leeds Breaks room & Italian Lounge
Jenks 23rd anniversary & March 2016 party

Current resident/organiser of Bak2wax alongside Ste Huxley & Dan Whiting