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25th July 2002, 02:11 PM
First night for us with this one,went down a storm with 99.9% of peeps there on the night.
I think a lot of people thought they knew what to expect,with the theme being retro/oldskool,but i personally think there were a few surprises regarding DJ sets/tunes on the night.
As for the DJ's themselves,none could be faulted really,but then i would say that wouldn't i...:spin: :phones: :spin:

DJ's:Barrie Jay,Keith Capstick,Mikey O'Hare

Keith Capstick played a blinding set,first time i've heard him play out,but those of you who know him from Zone@Maximes will be aware of his talent....wouldn't you drop 'KC Element-Going on' while you had 'em all on the floor.???? :phones:
For those of you who had the chance to go to Zone in the early 90's,you'll be aware of Barrie Jay being the resident.He was behind Saturday night and, 'surprise surprise',played a set very similar to the ones he played back in the day...awesome!! To hear one belter after the other played by Barrie himself was something else.Too many big tunes to pick the biggest but 'Collapse-My love' was...erm...quite effective :guitar:
I'm not gonna review my own set but i was fairly pleased with the result,nuff said.:dummy: I ain't gonna tell you my big tunes though...oh no...:naughty:
The night has the go ahead for the first Saturday of every month from September (7th) to December,i'll post more info in the events section soon.
For those that went...cheers v. much!
For those that didn't...you can make up for it on Sept.7th.
You wanna hear oldskool you don't hear every week ??
See you there!
mikey :guitar:

25th July 2002, 03:52 PM
Good review Mikey :thumbsup: If I wasn't so far away this looks liek a good night x

25th July 2002, 05:51 PM
Originally posted by mikey
I ain't gonna tell you my big tunes though...oh no...:naughty:

Lolol I reckon I could get pretty close to guessing the big boys ;)

Originally posted by mikey
For those that didn't...you can make up for it on Sept.7th

Try fukkin stopping me lol :D

I have no doubt at all music was 110% but what was atmosphere like (any nobheads ??) What's the venue like ?? Is there a dress code or can I wear me dungarees hehehehe

Nice one mate glad it went well ;)

25th July 2002, 06:08 PM
fleetwood eh might have to get me bucket n spade n give this 1 a whirl nowt like a change of scenery for a night out :thumbsup:

25th July 2002, 06:19 PM
Originally posted by butty
might have to get me bucket n spade n give this 1 a whirl

Aye, sounds like the perfect end to a day in blackpool :D

26th July 2002, 11:05 AM
sorry for missing out some info:
the night was nob-head free,but i think the policy was generally "no nob-heads or ming-pieces" so none of you peepsters would have any trouble getting in :heart: ...and VA could have teased us all by getting on one in those lurvely dungarees :fekked:

the actual venue itself is mint! i think it's only been built recently i.e. last few years.like i said above,there was no real dress code,a lot of people foned up asking if jeans & trainers was ok...and it was :phones:
over & out!
mikey :guitar:

Dj Britalian
26th July 2002, 11:07 PM

You have ID'd all my italian piano tunes,, i know we are in for a sweet night on the 7th of September fella,

i have it in me diary matey:drum:

1st August 2002, 10:55 PM
Mikey was right when he said there were no Knobheads

A lot of the peeps that went were old regulars from Bowlers and the Zone in the early years

Me Linda, Funki B, Phil , Keith and Mikey had a great laugh on the night.

The actual club is small but modern with 2 massive fans (And i mean massive) blowing cool air inside.

I cant dance but i spent a lot of the night on the big dance platforms!!

I was waiting for Mikey drop Soulmasters he was saving it for the end of the night and we had to go cos of the baby (Bastard!!!!! lol)

Me and Linda are deffo going to the next nights coming up

Alan & Linda


PS Mikey give us the detailed info and ill put it on the Zone site