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17th June 2002, 02:16 PM
Not as busy as usual but one of THE BEST os night I've been to in aaaaaaages in terms of tuneage (sorry Ben :$ )

Not because I don't normally like the tunes cos I do .... BUT because this time, the tunes were REALLY old and brought back mega memories and every tune was a hands in the air classic.

I also think I'm turning into a bloody anorack as I found myself tune and smaple spotting :rolleyes: and then writing down lists of tunes I wanted to buy as & when they were played.
I have since spent the last two dayt trawling the net for tunes that will never get played in public, with money I don't have (thank god for credit cards) from a list of tunes I didn't know the names of a week ago !!!!!!

Arrrrrghhhhhh !!!!!! Rick Jones, Ben Fisher, Timo, Butty & M-Jaxx - THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULTS !!!!! :@ :p ;) :eyebrow:

now, where was the site for second hand decks ;) :p

17th June 2002, 06:17 PM
I've heard that to be really cool at the old skool thing you have to do it authentique me old mucka

What u really need is one of grannys ear trumpets and a pine needle.

now here is the clever bit.

to get the exact 33.3 or 45 revs per 60 second time periods.

hang on ....

shuffles off to get white coat, false teef n greying hair wig and splashes lots of water under arpits for an authentique scientist show ...

prof jimmy 'ere wiv his latests bollox

33.3 revs can be achieved precisely by standing at the north pole, attaching exaclty 2.34 miles of rope to your top bumpers and spinning madly akin to an old wooden top that has been whipped into a frenzy.

With the remainder of the rope attract the attention of a large white polar bear weighing exactly 250 kq's. When it is under your spell attach the rope to its right leg and give it a good kick.

Hew presto alica zam diggery doo you will revolve at 33.3 RPM.

With the disc glue to your freshly shaven suede and a close friend resting the pine needle and trumpet on your bonce the party can commence.

for 45 rpm sinply swap Mr Polar Bear for a more energetic penguin who unbeknown to a lot of people is really rather quick.

Dj M Jaxx
18th June 2002, 03:37 PM
LMFAO :mad: :mad: Jimmys back !!!!!!!, and this time he is on form big time :thumbsup:


Was a top.... top.... night

Timo, Nathan and Luke. Thankyou for turning this place into the best god dam night out in London

Club was a bit quiet ( To be expected though, as there was an important England match on the next day )

Top quality tunes all night through, The toast of the night was House music of a high, rare and classic quality. So much so it kept me dancing for 5 hours solid with only the aid of water and red bull ( 1 of each )

High points of the evening to me

The Pixie and M Jaxx Zimmer frame dance " NOISE " and Timo dropping that quality remix of " Sleep Talk " TTTTUUUUUUUUUUNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, although I must say Timo, I purchased it this mornig on the net, so best find another classic I can marvell over before the next CT Lololol:mad: :mad:

ComeTogether is a wicked night, friendly appnosphia and above all smiles and great tunes all around, so get your asses down to Oxford Circus for the next one, Or I will be calling you on my mobile at 5am in the morning, wanting a full report as to why you were not there .......... You have been warned

M Jaxx ;)