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15th October 2007, 02:06 PM
OSA Radio Slot:
Fridays 9 Till 10


Halesowen (outskirts of Brum)

Preffered styles:
Breakbeat,Old Skool Drum&Bass,Old Skool Hardcore,

Been Playing For:
17/18 years

Music is a big part of family life for me and ive always been around it,(my uncles always had bands of different styles etc.)
So when everybody got into the rave scene in the early 90s me and Benny digital had access to his old mans decks and it all stemed from there.
ive gone through a few genres from then(ive always liked stuff with beats) and doin so have build up a good collection of vinyl.

Upcoming Gigs:
Picks Terrace

Past Guest Spots:
* The great LEZ Birthday party
* Picks Terrace All Summer Long
* Biker Party,(In a Marque In the middle of a feild in Shropshire)(crazy)
* Atomic Jam (Que Club Bham)
* Dance Planet 42nd Street (Halesowen)
* Origin Unknown (Halesowen)
* Breaks to the future(Sunflower Lounge Bham)
* Step Off (Bham)
* Fakin The Funk
* Pink Bomb
* Tension After Partys@ the Bash Bar.
* Ultra @ The Custard Factory :@
* Tension @ The Custard Factory.
* Descent Party Resident , Derby