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9th June 2002, 02:14 PM
tackle See wedding tackle.
tackleshack n. Trollies; underpants; kecks.
taco tickler n. Gusset typist.
tadger n. Penis. Also todger.
tadpole net n. Blob; rubber Johnny; cheesepipe clingfilm.
tadpole yoghurt n. Gentleman’s relish; dressing for a sausage sandwich (qv).
tagnuts n. Toffee strings; winnets; clinkers; dangleberries; bead curtains.
tail 1. n. Olde Worlde Penis. 2. n. Fluff; totty; skirt; talent (of both sexes). 3. Bum.
tail ender n. Small dollop of do that you must wait for after the main stool has been expelled; the final roof detail to be applied when building a log cabin (qv).
tail gunner See rear gunner.
tailpipe n. US Ass hole. In Britain exhaust pipe (qv).
tail shot n. The release of tail wind (qv).
tail wind n. Botty gas; air biscuits.
taint n. Niffin’s bridge (qv). Because it tain’t arse and it tain’t fanny”.
take an air dump v. To fart; blow off.
take Captain Picard to warp speed v. TV baldy /cock euph. Masturbate; to strangle Kojak.
talent n. collective Crumpet; bush; attractive females.
talk German v. To fart; blow off; puff on an imaginary bum cigar (qv).
talk on the great white telephone v. To be sick in the lavatory. See drive the porcelain bus (qv).
tallywhacker 18thC. n. Penis; old man.
tampon n. A small, highly sophisticated implant which enables women to play tennis.
tam rag Variation of jam rag.
tank v. To shag; roger.
tanked up 1. adj. Arse-holed (qv). 2. Military Being sufficiently equipped with tanks.
tapioca toothpaste n. Dental gel for a trouser leg trombonist (qv).
tap See oot on the tap.
tap off v. To successfully tap up (qv).
tap up v. To chat up; try to instigate a sexual liaison.
tardis fanny n. Deceptively spacious snatch; cathedral; bargain bucket.
tart n. Slapper; dolly bird. Sometimes used affectionately. e.g. When describing Boy George.
tart’s window box, a n. What you smell like when you’ve got too much after shave on.
Tarzan chord That narrow chord which attaches Kojak’s roll-neck (qv) to the bobby’s helmet (qv).
tash See Hitler tash.
tatties n. Testicles; spuds.
tatty water (ta-tee-wa-ta) n. Spud juice; semen. Literally ‘potato water’.
TBS Toxic Bott Syndrome. To suffer from severe noxious emissions or brewer’s farts (qv). See also burn bad powder.
TCM n. Turd cutting muscle; crimper; anal sphincter.
tea pot n. Gay male from the Larry Grayson school of posturing.
tear off a piece v. US To have sex. Also tear one off.
tea towel holder n. Anus; ringpiece; freckle. From the 1950s plastic ‘finger poke’ style kitchen accessory.
technicolour yawn See pavement pizza.
teddy’s leg n. State of stool expulsion somewhere beyond the turtle’s head (qv), but prior to touching sock (qv). More like chewing a brick (qv); midway through smoking a bum cigar.
tee off v. To wank and/or fart. Not necessarily at the same time.
tenpin v. To place digits simultaneously in the tea towel holder (qv) and the fish mitten (qv). From the grip used in ten pin bowling.
tent pole n. Stiffy; erect penis, especially in bed. See also trouser tent, morning glory, wake up with Jake up.
thatch hatch n. Vagina; hairy pie.
Thelonius Monk rhym. slang Spunk.
the other n. It (qv); the old how’s your father.
third leg n. See middle wicket.
Thora Hird 1. Actress of stair lift testimonial fame. 2. rhym. slang Turd.
thrap . thrape v. To masturbate furiously; to give it six nowt on the Right Honourable Member for Underpants.
three card trick rhym sl. Prick. As in “She got her jazz bands round me three card trick and started giving it six nowt”.
three coiler n. Dog turd; the curled and crimped result of not having walked the dog, usually found on a carpet.
three piece suite n. Meat and two veg; wedding tackle; the male undercarriage.
three wheeler rhym. slang Dyke; lesbian. From ‘three wheeled trike’.
throne n. Queen’s shitter.
throne room n. Queen’s shit house.
throttage n. Throttage.
throttle pit n. Aus. Toilet.
throttle the turkey v. The Norfolk wank. “Kid’s love ‘em”.
through a hedge backwards exclam. As in “Phoar! I could fuck her through a hedge backwards”.
throw v. To barf; hoy; chuck.
throwing a Woodbine down Northumberland Street sim. In Newcastle, unsatisfying sex with a bucket fannied (qv) individual. As in “Why man, it was like hoyin’ a Woodbine doon Northumberland Street”; Leeds throwing a sausage up Briggate; HM Navy throwing your kit bag in the Ark Royal’s dry dock, etc.
thruppeny bits rhym. slang 1. Tits. 2. The shits.
thumper n. Erection; stalk; stiffy.
thunder bags n. Underpants; trollies.
thunder box n. archaic Lavatory; shitter. Also thunder bowl.
thunder mug n. Chamber pot; piss pot.
ticket to tottieville See token for the cockwash.
ticklers n. Corrugated condoms; amusing French letters.
tickle the pickle See jerkin the gherkin.
Tijuana bible n. US Jazz-mag; porny book. (Hardcore rhythmic reading is readily available to Americans in the neighbouring Mexican town.)
Tijuana cha-chan. The trots. (Spicy food is readily available to Americans in the neighbouring Mexican town.) See also sour apple quickstep.
tiffin n. Home made chocolate biscuit the reference to “a bit of” which in British comedy films of the 1970s was considered amusing.
tiffter n. Unwanted erection; Jake.
tile hanger’s nailbags sim. Sagging, lumpy tits. As in “She had tits like a tile hanger’s nailbags”.
tinter n. High class totty; top class talent. e.g. Of Mick Hucknall one could remark “Lucky bleeder. He’s been up all the top tinter in his time”.
tit fairies n. Fictional visitors who magically transform the wife’s fried eggs (qv) into TNTs (qv) during and after pregnancy.
tit man n. He who prefers tits to arses or legs.
tits n. 1. Breasts; knockers. As in “What a pair of tits”. 2. Foolish or derisory people. As in “What a bunch of tits”. 3. Nerves. See wick.
titty fuck See sausage sandwich.
tit wank See soapy tit wank.
TNTs Two nifty tits.
toffee strings See bead curtains.
todger n. Penis. Also tadger.
todger toaster n. Vagina; cockwash.
tonsil hockey n. Kissing; spit swapping. As in: “Fancy a game of tonsil hockey?”
token for the cockwash n. Romantic gifts, e.g. flowers, chocolates, bottle of wine. As in “I’m just nipping down the off license to get a token for the cockwash”. See cockwash.
Tom 1. n. Prostitute. 2. v. To carry out prostitution. As in “Are you tomming it?” 3. rhym. slang Tomfoolery - jewellery.
toms . tom tits rhym. slang The shits.
tongue job n. Lick, as opposed to blow job (qv).
tongue shui See tongue wrestling.
tongue wrestling See tonsil hockey.
tonk v. To fuck; bonk.
tonsil hockey n. Kissing; swapping spit.
tookus See totty.
tool n. Penis; manhood. All the DIY enthusiast needs, along with his wanking spanners (qv), to get the job done.
toosh n. Totty. From US tush meaning ‘arse’.
toot See poot.
toothless sea lion sim. Smelly and unkempt minge (qv). As in “She had a fanny like a toothless sea lion”. See also bulldog eating porrige.
toot meat n. Penis. From the fictional musical sweet of a similar name. See also bed flute, meat flute, pink oboe etc.
toot toot n. Risque BBC parlance for vagina.
tops and fingers adj. Scale on which sexual achievement is measured by teenage males. As in “Get far last night?” “Not half! I got my tops and two fingers”.
top banana exclam. Give that man a coconut; whack-o-the-diddle-oh.
top bollocks n. Breasts.
topless hand shandy See topless relief.
topless relief n. Bordellospeak for a bird with her tits out giving you a wank.
toss v. 1. To wank, usually “yourself off”. 2. To flip pancakes through 180 degrees during cooking.
tosser’s twitch n. Nervous affliction suffered by wankers during periods of abstinence.
toss parlour See rub-a-tug shop.
toss pot n. A person held in low esteem; a fuckwit.
totty n. collective Girls; fanny. As in: “Hey, this car’s a fanny magnet (qv). Since I bought it I’ve been beating off the totty with a shitty stick”. Singular if prefixed “a nice bit of”.
touch v. To fondle, usually “up”.
touching cloth adj. That stooling stage immediately after turtle’s head (qv) when the movement establishes contact with the trollies. As in: “Is there a bog round here mate? I’m touching cloth”.
touching socks adj. The stage by which time it is too late to look for a toilet.
tradesmen’s entrance n. Back passage.
trade spit See swap spit.
traff v. To fart; let off.
train See pull a train.
tranny n. Transsexual, transvestite, transparency or transit van. e.g. A fettish photographer might say “Shit. I left that tranny of the tranny in the back of the tranny”.
trapn. Khasi; thunderbox; bog.
travel fat n. Unexplained Jake (qv) which appears mysteriously during long bus journeys. In military parlance convoy cock.
tread on a frog v. A wetter sounding version of step on a duck (qv).
tree log n. A chocolate shark (qv) whose snout is in the water before it’s tail leaves your arse; a Cuban bum cigar (qv). See also teddy’s arm, grow a tail.
tree monkey n. Fart.
trick n. Customer in a rub-a-tug shop (qv).
trim n. Tidy bush; talent; totty.
tripe hound n. Pig ugly dog.
trogg n. Simpleton; fuckwit. See also pranny.
trollies n. Formerly posh term for kecks; thunder bags; shreddies.
trollop See trull.
trots, the n. Frequent rapid foot movement required to convey a diarrhoea sufferer to the lavatory. See also Tijuana cha-cha, sour apple quickstep, Turkish two-step.
trouser arouser n. Fit lass; good looking bird.
trouser bandit n. Slightly more polite version of bum bandit (qv).
trouser chuff See chuff.
trouser cough n. Fart; botty burp.
trousered adj. Wasted; arseholed; wankered; cream crackered.
trouser leg trombonist n. Popular female musician who plays in the same ensemble as the skin flautist and pink oboe virtuoso.
trouser Mauser n. A small rapid firing porridge gun (qv). See also pump action mottgun, mutton musket.
trouser rake n. Stiffer version of the trouser snake. Often pops up and hits women in the face when stood on.
trouser rouser n. Fart; Bronx cheer.
trouser snake See one-eyed trouser snake.
trouser tent n. Embarrassing portable erection made from canvas or other trouser material, with a zip up one side, supported by a rigid shaft. If occurring whilst seated this can easily be concealed with a bowler hat.
trouser trout See trouser snake.
trouser trumpet n. 1. Fart. 2. The anus.
trouser truncheon n. The beat bobby’s favourite tool, along with his highly polished helmet.
trout v. To pull. As in “I was out trouting last night. Ended up with a five-to-two-er (qv). Had to chew me own arm off (qv) this morning”.
truffle hunting v. To felch (qv) but without the curd.
trull n. 18thC. Prostitute.
trump v. To fart; pass wind.
tube steak n. Beef bayonet (qv) on the bone (qv).
tug v. To pull, as in a pud (qv).
tug boat n. A woman of plain appearance and compact, muscular build; swamp donkey (qv).
tummy banana See tummy truncheon.
tummy truncheon n. Sixth gear stick; porridge gun; penis.
tuna town n. Female genitalia; Billingsgate box.
tup v. 1. To have sex; shag. 2. Of sheep-to-sheep shagging, red hot horny ram on ewe action.
tuppence licker n. Lesbo; bean flicker.
turbot for tea See fish supper.
turd n. Crap; excrement; brown trout.
turd burglar n. Stealthy thief who forces entry into the rear of a person’s premises via the chocolate drainpipe.
turdis n. One of those detached, modern, portable, space age looking public conveniences.
turistas See Turkish two-step.
turkey-neck n. That which is throttled in Norfolk. See throttle the turkey.
Turkish n. Irish.
Turkish two-step n. Diarrhoearal dance not disimilar to the sour apple quick step; Tijuana cha-cha, Aztec two-step etc.
turn Japanese v. To wank. See also grin like a wanking Jap.
turn your bike round v. Go to the lavatory. As in “Excuse me, I’m just going to turn my bike round”.
turquoise n. A lady who allows the dog in the bathtub.
turtle n. 1. Passive sexual partner. 2. Blit; fanny; fluff; talent. Birds, collectively, as sex objects.
turtle’s head n. The initial protrusion of a stool though the teal towel holder (qv); the point at which contracts are exchanged for the building of a log cabin (qv). See also touching cloth; touching socks.
tush . tushie n. US Bum; ass. Compare toosh.
tussage n. Talent; female buffage (qv).
TV See tranny.
twang the wire v. To pluck out a rhythm on the cheesy none-stringed banjo.
twanger See whanger.
twat 1. n. A minge. Also twot. 2. Stupid person. 3. v. To hit; beat up.
twinkie n. US Turd; chocolate log.
twist US rhyming slang Girl. Twist and twirl.
twister n. US Pervert.
twitter n. Female perineum; that area of the anatomy between the twat and the shitter (qv). See also chin rest, duffy’s bridge.
two pot screamer n. Aus. Someone who cannot hold their beer. A more reserved British equivalent would be the half pint Harry.
two puppies fighting in a bag n. Large, mobile and unrestrained breasts.
two ring circus n. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder; bra.
two up n. Two up.
twin tone n. An abrupt, wet sounding fart which changes tone suddenly as as the sphincter muscle acts to counter the imminent danger of follow through (qv).
Twix lips n. A front bottom (qv) version of hungry arse (qv). See also camel’s foot.
twunt n. Useful, satisfying yet inoffensive combination of two very rude words which can safely be spoken in primmest and properest company.

U blocker n. A turd so big it causes a jobbie jam in the foul drainage system.
udder scudder See sausage sandwich.
U.D.I. Unidentified drinking injury. A mysterious injury received during a bender (qv) and of which the victim has no recollection.
undefuckable adj. Bust; damaged beyond repair.
undercarriage n. Genitals (usually but not exclusively male); wedding tackle.
undercrackers n. Kecks; shreddies; Y fronts.
underchunders n. That item of clothing into which the bottom chunders. Knickers; underpants; thunder bags. (Male or female)
underdaks n. Kecks; Y fronts; shreddies; crackerjack sacks; trollies. (Male).
underkecks See kecks.
under thunder n. Violent rectal belching of the arse’s natural kak gases which erupt from the fart fissure.
unit n. 1. Genitals, usually male. 2. Bird; an individual piece of talent (qv).
unload v. To drop a depth charge (qv) or launch an air biscuit (qv).
unmentionables n. Roman catholic mother-in-law-speak for genitals or underwear.
unwrap the meat v. Tits oot for the lads.
upchuck v. To chuck up.
uphill gardener euph. He who hoes on the pink allotments; pusher of a cheesy wheelbarrow (qv) up the kak canyon; a male homosexual.
upstairs n. The rack (qv); top bollocks. As in “What’s she got upstairs?” “Stacked (qv) mate! Looks like a dead heat in a zeppelin race”.
up the duff See up the poke.
up the poke See up the stick.
up the stick See in the club.
up to your nuts in guts adj. Aus. Engaged in sexual intercourse. See also in up to the bumper.
up to your pots adj. Pissed.
up periscope n. Bathtime game for up to one person. See also polish the lighthouse.
up the duff adj. In the pudding club; with bun in oven.
up to the bumper adj. Of pork sword fencing to be inserted up to the hilt; to the full extent.
up to the buffers adj. Variation of up to the bumper preferred by rail users.
Urals, the n. Vague and tenuous British film comedy euphemism for the testicles. See also the Balkans.

vadge See fadge.
vag n. US American pie, the hairy variety.
vagitarian n. He who only eats hairy pie, fur burgers, and vertical bacon sandwiches, plus the occasional fish supper.
Valentines Day porridge n. Semen; liquid pearls.
varnish the cane v. Upon getting wood (qv), to give it a one-handed waxing.
Vatican roulette n. Periodic abstinence method of contraception popular with larger catholic families. Also rhythm method.
veiny bang stick n. Penis; one-eyed trouser snake.
velcro triangle n. Minge; mott; mapatasi.
vertical bacon sandwich n. That which is clearly visible in hamburger shots (qv). Also vertical smile, vertical taco.
vesser n. A silent fart.
vinegar string n. Banjo (qv).
vinegar strokes n. Of males on the job, the final climactic stages of intercourse or masturbation. As in: “Would you believe it? The phone rang just as I was getting onto the vinegar strokes”. From the similar facial expression associated with sipping vinegar.
vixen n. Wily bird; a young temptress; a foxy chick. e.g. Stevie Nicks in about 1978.
VPL Visible Panty Line.
vurp n. A burp which brings up a small but foul tasting quantity of stomach contents small enough to be gulped straight back down again.

wab n. Penis.
wad n. 1. A large sum of money which ‘Loadsamoney’ waved around mockingly and Harry Enfield later took to the bank. 2. Load; mess. As in “Oooargh! I’ve shot me wad!”
wade in v. To move in for the kill immediately prior to pulling (qv) a bird. As in “Hold me pint will ya. I’m gonna wade in on that bird with the camel’s foot (qv). She’s pitching my trouser tent, she is”.
wake up with Jake up See Jake, dawn horn, morning glory etc.
walking tripod sim. Well endowed male; donkey rigged individual. When admiring buffage (qv) a lady might remark “Look at the third leg on that. He’s a walking fucking tripod”.
walk the plank rhym. slang Wank.
wallace rhym. slang. To vomit. From Wallace and Gromit. As in “He’s wallaced all over my new carpet”.
wallop n. Any potent blend of falling down juice (qv). e.g. Carlsberg Special Brew.
walnut n. Gland up the male arse which causes immediate ejaculation when poked.
walnut manoeuvre n. The mythical method by which good looking nurses are trained to poke your walnut (qv) in order to obtain an instant sperm sample.
wand waver n. Flasher; sexual exhibitionist.
wang See whanger.
wank 1. n. Masturbation. As in “If you have a wank every day you’ll go blind”. 2. n. Rubbish. e.g. “Don’t talk wank”. 3. v. To masturbate. As in “My brother wanks all the time and he’s got perfect eyesight”.
wanker n. 1. He who wanks. 2. A fellow road user; a motorist at whom one waves. As in “Yeah... and you too, wanker”.
wankered adj. Very drunk; too drunk to wank.
wank stain n. Bum scrape; piss flap; dip shit; toss pot. General purpose insult.
wanky adj. Self indulgent; pretentious.
wanking chariot n. Single bed, particularly common in student bedsits.
wanking parlour n. Brothel; house of ill repute; any club popular with Newcastle United directors.
wanking spanners n. Hands.
wank sock n. Sock tied to a bedpost designed to indicate when wind conditions are suitable for masturbation.
wank tanks n. Balls; nads; knackers.
wap-waps n. Breasts. Also de-doo-wap-waps.
war paint n. Of birds getting ready to go out at night, their make-up.
wash the cosh v. To polish the love truncheon.
water sports n. Chinese singing, for pleasure, and in German. See Chinese singing lessons, golden showers, German.
waving a sausage in the Albert Hall See throwing a tab down Northumberland Street.
wax the dolphin v. Polish the porpoise.
waz v. variously To piss; to puke; to wank.
wazoo n. Jacksie; anus.
wazzed adj. Pissed on, puked on and wanked off.
wazzock n. One who is pissing, puking and wanking all at the same time.
wear the beard v. 1. To perform cunning linguistics on a woman. 2. Of bean flickologists, the stone (qv). As in: “You can tell which one of them two wears the beard”. Compare with beard (qv).
weenie US n. Penis. Also wienie, wiener.
weenie waggler See wand waver.
wedding tackle n. The male genitalia. Also wedding furniture.
wedge v. To pull another’s underpants up the crack of their arse. n. When so pulled, a wedgie.
welders bench sim. Ugly. “She had a face like a...” Also blind cobbler’s thumb, burglars’s dog, box of frogs, sack of chisels, etc.
welly top sim. A term used to describe larger vaginas. e.g. “She had a fanny like a spla welly top”. (Spla meaning splayed).
Welsh n. Masturbation by frottering with a leek while listening to a male voice choir.
wet one n. An untrustworthy fart, possibly a twin tone (qv).
wet season n. That time of the month when the crimson tide comes in. See surfing the crimson tide.
whammers n. Bazoomas; Gert Stonkers; big tits.
whanger n. Large penis. As in: “My, that’s a whopping whanger there in your pants”.
wheek v. Scotch To remove shit from an aeroplane toilet.
wheel tapping at the Bourneville factory v. Dabbling in homosexual practices; to bowl one over from the Pavilion end; the apprenticeship served prior to qualifying as a fully fledged cocoa shunter (qv).
whidgey n. Front bottom.
whiff of lavender n. Of a marriage, the suspicion of a bearded bride. As in: “I don’t know about Edward. There’s a whiff of lavender about that marriage”. See lavender, beard.
whirling pits See helicopters.
whisker pot n. Fanny; minge.
whistle down the Y fronts v. Fart; pass wind.
whistling in the dark v. Muff diving; eating hairy pie.
white-out! exclam. When two large, pale breasts are exposed. See also unwrap the meat.
whitewash the hall v. A far more fulfilling job than painting the ceiling (qv).
white mouse n. Tampon. Also cotton mouse.
whitewater wristing v. To pull your pud; masturbate.
white wee-wee n. Planet Skaro Dalek term for semen.
whoof v. To fart.
whoof whoof! exclam. 1. Term of approval directed at passing talent (qv). As in “Whoof whoof! Give that dog a bone”. 2. Term of disapproval aimed at passing dogs (qv).
whoopsy n. A shit, usually on Frank Spencer’s carpet.
wick n. 1. Penis. See dip your wick. 2. Nerves. As in “Fuck off. You’re getting on my wick”.
wicked pisser n. US Good egg or a good show; top notch person or experience. As in “Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. You really have been the most wicked pissers”.
wide-on n. Female equivalent of a hard-on.
willets n. A type of jugs.
willie n. John Thomas; Percy the pork swordsman; he who gives Gert Stonkers (qv) a pearl necklace (qv).
willie and the hand jive n. Rhythmic, throbbing cork popping combo who perform the Bologna bop (qv) among other dances.
willie wellie n. French letter; French safe; English overcoat.
willie woofter rhym. slang Poofter.
willnots n. Tagnuts; dangleberries. Toffee entwined in the kak canyon undergrowth which simply will not come off.
windy pops n. Bunny shooting bullets; chuffs; anal announcements.
wind jammer n. A brown-pipe engineer (qv) who puts his jizz jemmy (qv) in the wind pipe.
winking walnut n. Brown eye; chocolate starfish.
winky 1. n. Tiny cock. 2. adj. Having a tendency to wink a lot.
winkybag 1. n. Tiny scrotum. 2. n. Ugly old woman with a tendency to wink a lot.
winnie n. Lesbian; she who licks the honey pot (qv).
winnet . winnit n. Kling-on; dag; dangleberry; willnot; brown room hanger on.
witten See winnet.
wombies (wom-beeeez) n. Tits; breasts; baps.
womfer (wom-fur) n. The female equivalent of biffin bridge (qv); chinrest (qv) used to avoid cramp at a hairy pie (qv) tasting.
wood n. Erectivity of the penicular appendation.
woody n. An erectivation.
wool n. US Fluff (qv); blart; fanny; totty.
wring the rattlesnake See siphon the python.
wu-wu (woo-woo) n. 1. Fu-fu. 2. Noise a train makes.

X-ray specs n. Spectacles available only by mail order from the back of magazines which enable the wearer to see through a woman’s clothing.
XXX Special video certificate awarded to pornographic films of exceptionally poor sound and picture quality.
xylophone v. To move along a line of naked women who are all bending down, and spank their bottoms - which are of varying sizes - with one’s penis; to play a tune on women's buttocks. From the Greek xylo meaning ‘wood’ and phonnicus meaning ‘to hit tunefully’.
yabba dabbas n. The climactic stages of intercourse which immediately precede the dooooooos! The vinegar strokes.
yaffle the yoghurt canon v. Suck the cock, voraciously.
yak n. 1. Big hairy animal of untidy appearance. 2. A feminist’s beaver (qv); minge with a pant moustache (qv).
yang n. US Penis. See also yinyang.
yank off v. Wank off; tug the T bone.
yank the plank See yank off.
yarbles n. Testicles.
yard n. Olde Worlde Penis.
Yasser n. US Erection. abbrev. ‘Yasser Crack-a-fat’. Pun on the name of the towel titfered Palestinian.
yawn See technicolour yawn.
Y bone steak n. Female opposite of a tube steak (qv).
yinyang 1. n. US Arse; bum. 2. Fuckwit; dupe.
yodel See yawn.
yodel in the canyon / valley See growl at the badger.
yongles US n. Testicles.
yoni n. Ancient Hindu Female genitals; fanny.
yonks! exclam. Popular vocal reaction to finding a tenner on a cartoon pavement.
yo-yo knickers n. Bike; loose woman; woman whose knickers go up and down faster than Richard Branson’s hot air balloons.
york v. echoism To vomit. See also call Huey.

zaftig adj. Juicy. Ideal comedy German alliterating adjective to prefix zeps (qv).
zeps n. abbr. Zeppelins. Large breasts. Also Hinden-burgs.
zig-a-zig ahhhh! echoism To have a bloody good wank watching a Spice Girls video.
Zinzanbrook (zin-zan-bruck) NZ rhym. slang Fuck.
zipperfish n. Penis; trouser trout; underpant eel.
zipper sniffer n. Hunter of the pant python, male or female.
zonked adj. Pissed; wankered; wazzed.
zounds n. God’s wounds. 17thC swear word banned by Act of Parliament in 1651, but okay now if used in moderation. See also gadzooks.
zoob . zubrick n. Penis.
zook n. Prostitute.
zorber v. To have sex in the Greek (qv) style. e.g. “Sorry I can’t sit down. I’ve been zorbered”.
zucchini n. US Penis. (Italian word for courgettes).
zuffle v. To wipe your cock on the curtain after having sex, usually in a posh bird’s house.

The Joker
9th June 2002, 03:34 PM
Blimey with all these me vulgar vocab has in creased 1000 fold :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: