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Dj Britalian
2nd June 2002, 08:49 PM
Big thanks to Kev Da Kitten for finally resurrecting the oldskool scene in Warrington. Its what this town needed, got in there at about 10:45, i was amazed at some of the tunes played, ie.Pakito Lindo and a few other Italian gems,

the only draw down was as the night progressed, the music started to get rather hard and fast.

On the whole a very good night music wise


Dj Britalian

3rd June 2002, 03:57 PM
Any night ya get to hear Pako has got my :thumbsup: mate.

Fukkin choooooon.... :D

ste huxley
3rd June 2002, 03:59 PM
Gaz when you say it went hard and fast, do you mean old skool hard and fast or new stuff hard and fast???


3rd June 2002, 06:25 PM
If its oldskool hard and fast then it sounds fekkin roockin' to me.

4th June 2002, 08:36 PM
got in the place at about 10.30 i think or summet. walked in to the sounds of that young mc mash up on 1 of the knights so that got me foot a tappin from the start. it was pretty quiet in there altho there was a few fitties here n there which is always good 2 see ;) met dj fantazia n gaz had a waffle with them dj fantazia tried to throw a cig at me from the top of the stairs :) left at about midnight coz john had work the next day.

all in all it was ok - the place has potential the sound lighting etc is mint just not very busy. deffo worth a look if ur in the area

Kev Da Kitten
5th June 2002, 03:42 PM
Some Classics got played that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Coz it was the first night in there for a while we where just checking how people where reacting to the different styles (old and new). We played some of the newer tunes and old skool remixes for an hour or until chunk got on the stage and hit every 1 with bombscare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to see Butty turn up and Dj Fantazia and Britalian.

Have spoke to Chunky and he says its old skool all night from now on every saturday!!!!!!!!! laaaaaaaaaffiiinnn

So if you live local or even if u dont get down, if you have any ideas for the night tell me or Chunk. May even get you on the wheels of steel.

6th June 2002, 08:26 PM
dj fantazia tried to throw a cig at me from the top of the stairs

lol, ...erm, ....yeah,......sorry about that Butty I was running down the stairs, and nearly had your eye out,........:$ :$ :$ :$ :$

Yeah the nights got potential, and the club has had improved lighting fitted.

Its a little small (cosy), but atmosphere is always more important, and this will develop with time and the right tunes, I'm sure.

Just need to establish to there are no dicks there, everone seemed alright bar, 2 meitherin gets, 1 15 yr old trying to sort everyone out every 2 seconds, and 1 who didnt understand I was not going to give him a fag, no matter how much he smiled at me.

The majority were cool and easy to talk to, but its probably a good idea to get the bouncers to strictly enforce ID,.......for blokes n e way, cos there was some nice jailbait skirt,...........

Alternatively they could enforce a Nob Head rating, if you exceed 5 stars then you are barred, 1 star for looking like a dick, 2 stars for being violent, 3 stars for asking for Trance or Hardhouse

Anyway, Ive somewhat wandered here,.....

Good Luck Kev, I hope you make a big success of this nite, its what Warrington needs.

:axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe:

16th June 2002, 11:50 PM
Got in there at about 10.30 was pretty quite at the start and didnt start filling up till 11.30 ish fantazia n gaz popped in for a bit nice 1 see ya again fella's. The crew that I took with me (john, unzy, dave etc etc) got tanked up pretty quickly which made the night more amusing for me as they were balooning about. I was playin at 12 n then 2 so couldnt really join them in trying to destroy there livers. Really good atmosphere in there not like a beer boys palace with bad attitude my lot wanderd about chatting to everyone in there and ya felt quite safe. There was a nice range of tunes played Kev, Caggs n Chunky played a nice range of classics with stuff like white lines, 2 bad mice, music is my life getting dropped. I had with me more of the pianoey kinda head rippers ie get into my life, the finest, il be there etc etc which i dropped n the crowd seemed to like so it was a good range. There was a few what i would call trancey type tunes that aint really my bag but whatever floats ya boat innit. The good thing is between everyone that played not 1 tune got played twice which i think is important - theres nothing more annoying than hearing a tune 6 times. I spoke to quite a few people in there who all seemed to enjoy themselves and il deffo be going down there again, chunky was pleased with my sets and has said whenever I aint playing anywhere else I can gladly go down and have a blast - one thing they could really do with getting a new system in there as the mixer didnt have a crossfader the music came out of 1 side of the headfones and there was no monitor speaker which meant that everyone that played was struggling and I think if they get that sorted the sets would be a lot better.

respect to kev n chunky n co for having me and to fantazia, gaz, john, dave n unzy for coming down - check the events section for when il be on next and it would be good to see some of the OSA posse head down there - alll in all a nice small cosy venue that aint much to get in cheap bar and good atmosphere.

17th June 2002, 12:15 AM
i'm one of the closest to warrington so i'll keep an eye on the events bit and make a special effort to go next time ur there butty!!

sounds like a good night.. the closest regular nite that's close to me is maximes and to be honest i don't fancy it:( :( :(

jayne x

17th June 2002, 07:49 PM
15TH June:

Yeah, had a top nite. Good range of music, Butty's set rocked, though I am unimpressed he would not sell me LAN, Get Into My Life,lol.

Respect to Kev, Chunky, Caggs, all the Dj's. :thumbsup:

I remember Gaz did an hour there last year, and commented on the mixer being hard to use. To be fair you probably dont need an expensive replacement, just a Gemini 626, or summat, probably get one for about 70 second hand, (try e-bay or loot).

Seemed a bit busier than last time, quite a few people on the dancefloor.

No nob heads there, nice and friendly, also, two girls seemed to be getting especially friendly with each other on the dance floor:p ,lol, .....which is always nice to see!:drevil:

Enjoyed myself lots, with the exception of having 10 pints of Guiness:pixie: , and having to leave before the end to stumble home to the security of my bed(had the shakes the next day till 3pm!)

Keep up the good work, will be nice to see how the night develops over the coming months

Also this is so convenient being just down the road from me,lol;)

Will happily do a set here, Kev, when my exams are over in a couple of weeks.


Dj Britalian
17th June 2002, 09:35 PM
Lol at Fantazia 10pints of Guiness later, you looked well rough the next day mate,

Big shout to Butty for some shit hot tunes;)

Cant believe you have LAN on Italian Style (i am so jealous)

Good night on the whole.


20th June 2002, 04:57 AM