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26th June 2007, 06:59 PM
(yeah its pink so what of it)

OSA Radio Slot:
N/A Whenever I can..


Halesowen (outskirts of Brum)

Preffered styles:
Soul/Funk/HipHop/Rap/90-93 hardcore

Been Playing For:
30 years

Good music was drilled into me from an early age growing up listening to everything from Punk, Soul, Mowtown, Reggae.
The old man was in numerous bands and always had his keyboard or decks lying around, Got quite into the breakdance and hiphop scene then progressed into the rave scene at a tender age, Dug out the those very decks i used 2 sit my action man on slapped on a tune and was totally hooked from that point on along with my good cousin Mr Bennett.
Played a few gigs big and small, Threw a few free partys and a few bashes at our mates houses but never really got that break. I sort of grew apart from the scene when it got a bit junglyfied.. Though their was always decks 2 hand i never owned my own until my angel of a girlfriend bought me some on my 30th when i got right back into it :)

Gawd bless OSA ;)

Upcoming Gigs:
Picks Terrace/Funk Fusion

Past Guest Spots:
* The great LEZ Birthday party
* Picks Terrace All Summer Long
* Biker Party,(In a Marque In the middle of a feild in Shropshire)(crazy)
* Atomic Jam (Que Club Bham)
* Dance Planet 42nd Street (Halesowen)
* Origin Unknown (Halesowen)
* Breaks to the future(Sunflower Lounge Bham)
* Step Off (Bham)
* Fakin The Funk
* Pink Bomb


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