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23rd April 2002, 11:32 PM
Well,well,well what can I say......Only that THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS I'VE HAD OUT (bar GT of course)...........

We started our journey from the jovial pastures of Ashton at about 8:30 ish to get DJ Steve Huxley to the rave on time in tru Anthill Mob stylee......

After having warm up drinkies in Jokers car me, Ste,Chris(my m8 not Rewinds) :p proceded to time our last beer so we cud have one as soon as we got there....that didnt work:D

After arriving to a MASSIVE que and thankin' the heavens that we was on the guest list(cheers Sal ur a star m8) We qued up in the GL que.I was stressin' because I thought Ste wasn't going to get to his set time...err on time, my new DJ name is DJ Vexxd now(nice one Ste)

Sooooo we got inside with minutes to spare and OSA respect to the man like Ste H he played a blindin set!!!
Mixing classics and dropping some truly great diverse tunes(breaks,beats u name it it was there) into the mix I was stompin like a ferret on fett.

After Ste's set was DJ Andy Bell droppin new skool and old skool into the mix with some nice scratchin' and also brought his own dancers(nice touch m8)

Then came OSA n UK Scenes Old Skooler who did a noice set with classics and some juicy breaks into the room...nice one Skooler:thumbsup:

After that(and hearin a little bit of Steve Luigi's set) I went downstairs to check the old skool tent out.....Oh my was I in for a treat.....

This is where it goes a bit blurry cause I was a wee bit 'happy' I wandered around with Ste n Jen etc then I heard some old skool hardcore comin from the OS tent....it was Pilgrim.....and I was in OSH heaven!!!!!

He played old skool techno tunes to old skool hardcore to breaks to tunes I hadn't heard in years this is when me n Ste went sik on the dancefloor!!
It was like a OS timewarp I started doin my ravey dancin', Ste was jumpin around throwin crazy hand shapes and we felt like two 18 year old lads goin' to there first rave 'back in the day'.

The atmosphere was electric lots of smiley faces and because it was in a huge tent (with a water fountain at the bottom, and slightly uphill...diverse) it had that ravey/festival wharehouse feel.

All of us went mental on the dancefloor havin it largeth and then Daz Willot came on(with a TOP MC)...OMG mint:thumbsup:
He played tune such as Energy Flash,Charly proper 'dance like a prodigy dancer' tunes!!

After collapsing in a heep for a while n sayin 'i'm too old fer this sh*t' we was gonna go but thankfully Auntie Joker said we cud stay...thanks Joker U don't know how much that meant to me n Ste:D:D

SY's set was the usual precise scatch skool set with a few suprise tunes thrown in fer good measure and an MC who cud scratch (mad as ferk) ...with his voice!!

Then came our Ben(gutted about the time btw m8)
Blimey what an corker!!!
throwin top tunes here,there n everywhere Ben shown em a top set to finish off the night while the day was a dawnin'(best tune of the night Bass Value ..cheers Ben:D )
Me n Ste stomped to his set in front of the Bass bins till it was just down to the last few ravers that had the energy left in them to stomp.

In conclusion folks....A corker of a night...Vibealite u've managed to take me(n countless others) back to their youth again ,this night brought so many memories of b4 i got into the goin' out scene(91 4 me) and listening to some of these tunes on the radio when I first got into Old Skool(808 State on the radio,Sunset etc) and actually ravin' to tune that I'd jumped away to in Ashton when the Mix Factory used to play,was bliss.Top vibes ,plenty of happy people and a great summer outdoor/indoor club vibe.

Highlights of the night.......
Top sets from loads of DJ's includin resident OSAers Ste,Ben n Old Skooler.
Feelin' 18 again n dancin like I aint done in years.
Joker sayin' we cud stay till the end thus makin me n Ste race to the Old Skool room in glee.
Hearin Dominator,that Lets Rock tune,Energy Flash n countless other superb classics.
Finally givin' into Unki Ste n gettin grinny with the sweets.
Then goin around all night fookd sayin to everyone I chatted to...HE MADE ME DO IT!!!:D
Wonderin' why it was warm outside in the chillout area then realisin' it was the outdoor lamp/radiator combo's.......doh!!!
Tryin at some point to understand what people were actually talkin' about.
Non stop stompin' fer ages n still goin till the bitter end.
Startin look a likes again with Ste( we saw Christini Ricci...I SWEAR!!!)
And finally not tryin to look at my hair by my shadow(I do this a lot) and NOT gurnin' like I had a cum face...honest.
Wafflin' complete bobbins n coinin the phrase with Ste for the night.....'do i give a f@Ck'!!

The Joker
25th April 2002, 10:38 AM
Mint review m8!!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

25th April 2002, 11:41 AM
Tonksi that party sounded a blinder m8y, aint been to a do like that in ages, now summers here ile be keepin me ear to the ground for a few meself, top review buddy brought back a few mems!