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4th April 2002, 05:55 PM
did'nt think that the last joke was that good but now your encouraging me so here's another:

little johnny's sitting in class and the teacher has got a bag of fruit and the kids have got to guess whats in there

teacher:ok, the first one is round, it's red

the whole class puts their hands up with johnny trying his best to get attention, but teacher knows best

teacher: lisa what do you think it is?

lisa: its an apple miss

teacher: sorry lisa its a beet, but i like your way of thinking

teacher: ok the next one is quite small, green...

once again johnny sticks his hand up as high as he can but teacher won't give in...

teach: robert what do you think it is?

robert: it's a pear miss

teach: no sorry it's a kiwi fruit, but i like your way of thinking.

by this time johnny's getting really pissed off so he just stands up anyway

johnny: miss i've got one in me pocket, it's hard, it's round and it's got a head on it!

teacher: johnny thats disgusting!!!

johnny: no, it's a 10p but i like your way of thinking!!;)

The Joker
4th April 2002, 08:24 PM
another gud 1 m8, I like em little johnny's jokes I do indeed!!!:D :D :D :D Keep em comin!!