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1st April 2002, 06:25 PM
After a 2 for 1 sesion is Yates, in the town centre, in Wigan, Gaz n me arrived at about 9.50pm, ten minutes before opening time, early and eager for piano as usual!

Got in, signed up as members,and the night was underway.

There was an initial dissapointment, as Pianoman had rung up with a sore throat, as he was supposed to be the headlining act, and was our reason for going.

This said we still had an absolutely excellent night.

All the mixing was to a high standard, I'm afraid I dont remember the early sets too well, as I was a bit trolleyed (due to a special offer at Yates) when I arrived. Nice to meet DJ Rikee, and of course good to see Ben again.

I recall:

Two podiums, almost excusivelly owned by Gaz and Myself, for about 6 hours.

Nice size club, not overcrowded, and a massive chillout room with pool table, though I only noticed this on my way to the bog, as I tried to stay on the Dance floor all night again.

IMO:First part of the night was zoney,.....leading on to the middle of the night which was proper Old Skool, leading onto when we left about 4.15am when the music had become more Piano Nu-Skool.

No complaints about the music, a good balance, with the defining characteristic of Piano!

DJ's were all sound, thanks for letting me sift through your Vinyl guys.

IMO, Ben stole the show with his Scratching, but as a whole every DJ performed a good level of mixing, no elephants charging down the hill, in site.

Rating,.......Apart from Pianoman not turning up I still give this 8/10, as our first night out here.

Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted.

Get yourself down there, if youve not been!

:axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: