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CANO ...
1st August 2006, 02:25 PM
Reeeeeeet had a well random night out on sunday with saysay , biskit , miss cola , jamsy , steve rh and a few more not on here .

Anyways , saturday afters , we found out about a rave in a field in euxton playing techno , acid and breaks , so were like lets have some of that :D

The deal was to meet up behind a spar and we would get directed from there , shit hot as id never done somat like this before :cool:

Before that i got a call from me mate jay who says hes playing at some rave in exton , even better :D he runs a techno night in manchester called Locked .
So goes to spar for half nine , few heads waiting for directions , gets on for 10.00 and still nowt , so a bit miffed now thinking its been cancelled or somat :( Rings this number and gets confirmation its happening , gets some directions and we are told to look out for a traffic cone on a country lane , lol mad as fck :cops:

So off we heads , never been in a convoy to a rave and we were first car haha shit hot :$ :D Going down this country lane and there she is a single red traffic cone , turns into the field like and cant see shit going on :| so follows this track right across the field and can still see nowt , pulls up and gets outta car like , then boom tunes blasting but still cant see nowt :S Anyways has a good scan of the surrounding fields and can see somat 2 more fields away lol was well hidden :thumbsup: Drives over fields and gets there parks up and walks over to all the heads bopping away quite a few tents pitched up around the edge too , reckon about 300 were there , the set up was good was right at the bottom of a hill which is why we couldnt see nowt from road , some real dirrrrty acid being played early on then some techno and breaks , some one dropped ratpack in a breaks set went down a fckin treat lol that was the only oldskool tune played apart from the few techno / acid rmxs like lil louis , jolly roger few more but i cant remember now :fekked:
We got off at 230 , mi m8 jay stayed till end it went on till 9 in the morning :crazy::crazy::crazy:

All in all a bloody good night out , and will defo go again :thumbsup:

1st August 2006, 02:34 PM
im not jealous 1 bit;) :P

glad you had a minter cano, wud luv to go to something like this

1st August 2006, 02:44 PM
Lol, this was mad as fck!!! :D :D

Hats off to the guys that organized this, they pulled it off well n truly. :thumbsup:

So, after a couple of phone calls and a meet up at a random spar, we set of as cano says , leading a convoy of about 7 cars , haha!! ..... got a right buzz from it as we turned left into a field and i looked behind me to see the cars all following us. :D When we got to where the music was at there were already a right load of people there, sitting/dancing, making fires lol etc etc , the music was tehnco/acid/breaks and it was shit hot all night. :cool: Now.... it hadnt rained for what had seemed like years and then low and behold the heavens opened and we all rushed under a canopy, infact id say the rain made us all buzz even more as the techno pumped out infront of us we all started dancing, RAVE ON! lol

Was great to see Biskit dancing :D ....its been too long, lol! :thumbsup:
Nics (Miss Cola) made me laugh me head off, dancing around in circles shouting ''Am off mi ead!!!!!!'' :rofl: .... Jamsy shouting ''Techno, techno, techno, techno!!'' haha and Cano groovin away. :fekked: ;)

Shame we had to leave at half 2, would have loved to have heard Jay Knights set.

All in all it was one mad as fck night that id love to do again! :cool:

1st August 2006, 02:46 PM
omg!!! a few memories were brought back there after reading that i can tell you!! id love to be doing that again - glad you had a fab time hun :thumbsup: :D

1st August 2006, 03:40 PM
ahhh what a frikkin excellent night, was well like old times.

Me n Nic, got an invitation on the last minute to go to this from one of mi old m8's, which was in the design of a flyer, had the meet up times on n was absolutely free!! Brilliant. Told jamsy about it, saysay n cano n we was like thats it were off to it. Frikkin brilliant.

Was really well organised, tunes were tip top till about two, were it got a bit tooo fast for me, some of the d.j's did some mega fluffin, but tunes n atmosphere was top so i wasnt bothered lol :)

Cant wait till the next one :thumbsup:

Oh and my 1st time at being a convoy leader, well in :thumbsup:

if there's another, i recommend it.

Miss Cola
2nd August 2006, 03:43 PM
Really enjoyed saturday night,:D

Got to the secret meeting place at 9.30pm but no one came for abit and for a moment i thought we was gonna have to have the rave in the car park, so Biccie got on the phone to the main man, got the directions then off we went with around 10 cars following us. :car: :car: :car: :car: :car: haha.

Next thing were in a field then another field then the party field, .:head: I could not believe how many mad techno heads were there id defo say at least 500. :cool: there were camp fires blazing, people who had come from a fair way and had put up tents, i even saw a living room sofa with a group of peeps sprawled across it. haha. :D

Got a few pics so will try and put them up when i get chance. :)

All in all i had a absolute belting time :fekked: im soooo looking forward to the next one. :thumbsup:
One funny moment from the night is when Jamsy nearly pulled one of the marqees down as he fell to his knees whilst trying to stand up. :rofl:

Had such a wicked time thanks to Chris, Tracy, Neil, Jamsy, Steve RH and everyone else. :luv:

Nics (Miss Cola) made me laugh me head off, dancing around in circles shouting ''Am off mi ead!!!!!!'' :rofl:
I can not remember doing this trace. LMFAO :rofl: :rofl:

Miss Cola
2nd August 2006, 04:42 PM
Lol, just reading through the post properly and ive put 10 cars were following us and tracy has put 7. :D And Ive said around 500 peeps were there and cano has put 300. lol. ahhh well whatever the numbers it was a tip top night. :thumbsup:


7th August 2006, 05:19 AM
Aaaahhhh what a great night, twas well fekked and I thought that me eyes where going to pop out of my head.:fekked: Like Nic(Miss Cola) said I nearly pulled the Marque down I was that peppered lol. Tunes where banginphones: and I was surprised to see how many people had turned up(about 500).

All in all a top night and I can't wait for the next one.


li'l Sonz
7th August 2006, 11:43 PM
Sounds like ya all had a mint as fook, very random but tip toppety night! :crazy: :)