View Full Version : Consoling the Irishman's Widow

The Joker
27th March 2002, 05:05 PM
Irishman goes to the doctor who gives him the bad news, he has cancer and he only has two weeks to live. The Irishman handles it the only way he knows how, he goes to his pub to drown his sorrows. His friend the pub owner asks him what the occasion is. "I've cancer, and I only have two weeks to live." The pub owner commiserates with him, and tells him the drinks are on the house. As the evening progresses and his friends gather round him, the Irishman breaks the news. "I've the aids, and I only have two weeks to live." His friends express their sympathy, all but the now suspicious pub owner. He calls the Irishman over. "I thought you said you have cancer?" "That I do," says the Irishman. "I just don't want my randy friends throwing a hump to the missus after I'm gone."

27th March 2002, 05:27 PM
class m8:D

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