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18th March 2002, 08:00 AM
Howdy all!

Hope u all had fantastic weekends!

Got to Stoke-On-Trent about 11 and caught a taxi to Club Metz which was on the high street, after walking thru the main door it led to a dodgy little ally :confused: then suddenly a row of steps upto the club.

Got into the club and had a look around, there was uv stuff everywhere and the sound system was very loud, but seemed a bit distorted!

No big flashy lights or spectacular lazers but imo that gave it more of a old skool "flavour?"

Minute I got in there I hit the dance floor and bounced around for a while, the crowd where all well up for it, and everyone cheering and smiling!

Walked round and the vibe was really excellent, people shaking my hand, smiling and generally being friendly!

The music was excellent imo and Stu Allen played the final set which was excellent, I remember him playing Bizzare Inc - Playing With Knives! Yay! :cool:

Funniest thing all night was Man Parris telling us how the club was haunted over the mic, then all through Stu Allens and Vinyljunkies set the lights/decks/sound system where all flashing on and off at random moments, then the needles started to jump all over the place! :| :o :confused:

Overall I had a quality night! But the door tax of 12 was a bit expensive imo!!!

Saturday night was a random party night, I got invited to a friend of a friends party at a villtage hall type thing, got there on the train and found some decks in there and only about 10 other people, I didnt recognise anyone and I didnt even know whos party it was, I felt like a complete gatecrasher lol!

Anyway there whole night for some reason there was only like 15 of us in a quite big hall! So mucho :tonksi: started in the hall! About 1 hour after getting there I got bored of listening to some Trance from whoever was on the decks and asked if I could play a hardcore set if I went home and got my records! He agreed, popped home got my records and came back, got onto the decks around 9ish and played just nu hardcore! Me and all my m8's just started dancing around like nutters and the other 10 people or so who where in the party just started dancing too! lol, it was the weirdest place ever!

After about 4 mixes I got bored of mixing, so stuck a tune on, ran onto the dance floor had a dance then ran back when the tune was ending to change to another one! lol!

Then the other 10 people (who I guess whos birthday it was) said they where going to get more alcohol and said look after the hall, so from about 9:45 - 10:45 just me and my 5 mates where in a huge hall, dancing playing hardcore and having a :tonksi:

One of the weirdest but funniest things ever!

Sunday was not so funny! I was involved in a small car crash!Luckerly everyone was ok (cept a few bad backs and necks) A 4x4 went into the back of us (peugeot 105) as we turned left into a car park *ouch*

Car is a complete right off! And my Vibealite hat got covered in glass!

Still, overall a fucking excellent (if not slightly strange) weekend!!!