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7th March 2002, 01:06 PM
Phew !! What a weekend. 1st - 3rd March was a corker & make no mistake !!

Friday night - :car: set offto Mrs S's for a chilled out night & drinks. Took the man-like-Hektik with me (memo to self - why !!?? :confused: !!) j/k Hekkers m8 ;)

Sat night started off in Leeds at a bar Called Doctor Woo's (I think). Nice funky music had a bit of a latin (I think) feel to it with a bloke dressed as Elvis on the bongos. Met Timo Garcia in there who seemes like a thoroughly nice chap & ended up with him stuck to use for the rest of the w'end !! :axe: Just had a couple of drinks in there before heading off to Back2Basics.

B2B is now held at the Mint club which is at the top end of town. Venue was ok, if a little small & dark & was far too packed out for the amount of people in there. Staff seemed friendly enough & it was quick to get drinks at the bar. The loos :loo: were odd in that they were supposed to be unisex but had bouncers telling you which ones to go in (:confused:). This seemed a little bit of a waste of staff resource but there you go.

Yousef was supposed to be playing but we had to leave before he came on (I have no idea of the other DJ's) but they were ok. Mixing was good enough but I'm afraid the taste of music didn't really suit me. There (imo) didn't seem to be any builds or breaks & it seemed to just plod along "plinky plonky" style but the people in the loved it & were going wild. :drum:

Stayed there till 2am & then went back to the car for phase 2 of our mission.

Parlez Vous? in Bradford was a Hard House night in a secret location & by invite only. Was all quite exciting & made you feel like you were back in the days of the undergound parties. Knock on the door, a little curtain opens up "you got tickets?" "yes" The curtain closes & you're let in. It was also BYO booze too :pixie: (check that Tonks & Ste!!! :D) I assume this is to get round the licencing laws so that it makes it a private party. Either way it was TOP!!!

Inside there were two rooms. Upstairs was more of a funky room with lots of different DJ's & styles of music. Our very own Timo Garcia was playing here & the bits that I saw he rocked. Check out Tunemeister Pix asking if one of the tunes had a sample of New Order in it, wandered off only to return to fidd him playing "blue Monday" classic :D:D !!!! also a top new remix of Pass The Duchie made by Mr Garcia himself - also kicked ass. :guitar:

Downstairs was the harder room with cyber painted walls (yes there were people there with fluffy boots on :rolleyes: ) but the music was FAST AS FEK !!! (just how I like it). Now, this was my first HH night & to be honest I've not listened to a great deal of the music BUT I did notice that a lot of their tunes were (IMO) hard bouncy techno but with OS vocal smples over the top. The term HH confused me somewhat cos I couldn't grasp the meaning of it so that's the way I'd describe it.
There were some cool remixes of tunes - Bassheads featured as did Little Bird (15 secs for Pixie to hit the dancefloor for that one !! :thumbsup: ) and loads of others that I knew but can't name. I'd deffo go there again as it really was fab. The organisers had done a good job & everyone was up for a laugh with no attitude. :heart: This was my fave part of the weekend.

Next on the agenda was a chillout/mash-up/mong-out at Nige's house (a lad off the 4c board.) Excellent hospitality & much sitting on the stairs waffling. :mad: Then we went to the local kids playground & had a giggle there too :eyes:

The next clubbing leg of our journey was to Carpe Diem in Leeds hosting an event called Shhhhhh! Organised by Salvador from 4C & it's an excellent day to wind down, chillout & have a rest after the weekend's events. :tonksi: Chilled music, open deck policy so if you turn up with records you can have a spin on the decks :phones: It's held in a bar downstairs & has a really nice ambience & the people are also cool. Salvador dropped Yellow Submarine in the middle os his set & then passed out on the chairs. It was more like a DJ version of a jammin session rather than a set & it really works like that!

Finally, it was back in the car :car: for the journey home. Hektik was *ahem* 'allegedly' co-driver but spent most of the time :sleep:

'twas a most excellent weekend in all & will DEFFO be going to Parlez Vous? ans Shhhh! again !!!!

:D :p ;) :cool: :heart: :king: :luv: :condom:

Timo Garcia
7th March 2002, 02:44 PM
phew what a week that was! if i shared a house my house mates would have put up a missing persons announcment....either that or celebrated with joy of my 6 day dissapearance! http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/rolleyes.gif

Leeds / Bradford certainly rocked. Dr Woo's was a cool little pre club bar....better than normans opposite who wouldnt let me in cause i was carrying a record bag?! and it's true Elvis lives! and he's dropped his guitar and picked up the congas! :drum:

B2Basics was as usual, dark, dingy and rocking! Ralf Lawson played his normal tough n funky set but no breakdowns to give your lil old legs a break! shame we missed Yousef but i caught him sunday night in Fudge where he dropped Young Mc's Know How...mid set http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/graemlins/avinit.gif

Thank God the wondeful girl like Pixie was behind the wheel :car: cause getting over to Bradford for my set at 4am would've been a bit more tricky than id imagined...not having a clue which disused mill Parlez-Vous was in!

The decor and lights in there were superb and the atmosphere was perfect....(especially after Basics!) real friendly and up for it peeps all having a wicked time....ive not heard a bad thing said against this night and doubt i ever will....it's flawless, absolutely flawless....well apart from some nutted dj who dropped some dodgy mix of Pass the Duchie and an old New order track!!! http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/rolleyes.gif

so then back to Leeds around 8-9am for a couple of hours chilling @ guffy and salvadors and a trip to the park before heading down to Carpe Diem in Leeds to set up the decks and play some choice chilled out tunes http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/graemlins/DJsmile.gif ....the place gradually filled out with faces just recognisable from the previous nights antics
pixie and hektik then made their way on their intrepid journey back down the countries spine :( and left me to my own devices
i span a few more tunes with Salvador, Mr Green, Liz Wigley, and whoever else brought their bag down
a few pints of vitamin G (a few he says!) http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/graemlins/all_coholic.gif and 8 hrs later i left to sample Sunday night @ Fudge

caught Yousef this time who played a lovely little and then the San Fran DJ Man Onionz played a blinder....another hands in the air night. The Venue, dj's promotors and night was just a perfect end to a perfect weekend....or so i thought http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/rolleyes.gif

back down the M1 for me on Monday only to get a call by the original corruptor miss Pixie and so a quick shower and change of clothes....very much needed one after that w-end and off i trot to Fabric..for world dj day

caught Darren Emerson, Slam, X-Press 2 and Freq Nasty who all rocked the place in their own special way
well i made it back in to work Wednesday morning looking dischevelled and jetlagged.... http://www.4clubbers.net/ubb/graemlins/mashed.gif

so then what does this weekend hold? :hubba: