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17th February 2002, 04:29 PM
> An Australian guy goes into a bar in the Greek Islands.
> Jill, the Australian barmaid takes his order and notices his
> Australian
> > >accent.
> > >Over the course of the night they talk quite a bit.
> > >At the end of the night he asks her if she wants to have sex with him.
> > >Although she is attracted to him she says no.
> > >He then offers to pay her $200 for the deed.
> > >Jill is travelling the world and because she is short of
> funds she agrees.
> > >The next night the guy turns up again and after showing her
> plenty of attention throughout the night he asks if she will sleep
> with him again for $200.
> > >She figures in for a penny in for a pound - and it was
> fantastic the night before - so she agrees.
> > >This goes on for 5 nights. On the sixth night the guy comes
> into the bar.
> > >But this night he orders a beer and just goes and sits in
> the corner.
> Jill is disappointed and thinks that maybe she should pay
> him more attention.
> > >She goes over and sits next to him. She asks him where he is
> from and
> he tells her Melbourne.
> > >"So am I" she says.
> > >"What suburb in Melbourne."
> > >"Glen Iris" he says.
> > >"That's amazing" she says, "so am I - what street?"
> > >"Cameo street" he says."
> > >"This is unbelievable" she says, "what number?"
> > >He says "Number 20" and she is astonished.
> > >"You are not going to believe this" she says, "I'm from
> number 22 and
> my
> > >parents still live there!"
> > >"I know" he says "your father gave me $1,000 to give you!"
> > >
> > > He who drinks Australian - thinks Australian!

17th February 2002, 04:34 PM

jayne x

17th February 2002, 09:25 PM
where can i get a list of abbreviations

whats pmsl mean and the like

I know IMO

whats LOL (lots of love)



ps. i'm not too up on this email speech

17th February 2002, 09:33 PM
pmsl...piss my self laughing

imo...in my ipinion(i think)

lol...laugh out load

rofl...roll on floor laughing

hope they help, i'll try and find some more m8

jayne x