View Full Version : only reviews in this sction pls, gen waffle about a night pls do in club chat section

6th February 2002, 03:38 PM
jut so visitors to the site can see reviews when they come to the reviews section and it keeps it all tidy, if you wanna waffle about a night then your more than welcome to do so but pls do it in the club chat room as that is what its there for

we class a full review as either somethin in detail about the night, somethin in detail about the dj's, or somethin in detail about the atmosphere or a mixture of the lot. brief descriptions of the night should be done in the club chat section. this is so that members n guests visiting the forum can come to the review section to find out in detail about a night rather than "it was cracking"

posts that we feel aint full reviews then will be moved

if ya have any quesions/comments about this then feel free to get in touch with me or the mods of this section n wel help in any way we can