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3rd February 2002, 02:17 PM
Me an Gaz arrived in Leeds city centre, after going to a travel-lodge, rather than the actual travel-INN we had booked into.

We then realised that Goodtimes wasnt as near the city centre as we thought, a complete oversight of ours, failing to bring the club address,.... anyway!

We hoped in a taxi an got to the pub over the road, from the club, and met a few of the OSA crew, who I must say all looked nothing like I imagined, for some reason I thought Vinyl Animal would have long hair?? Everyone was friendly, but I was buggered if I could remember everyones name.

Got into Goodtimes at 9.30 and Ben was halfway through his set.

All I clearly remember, was dancing all night long!

The club was pretty good, its a nice layout, with the Dj booth elevated.

The Club was a fair size, an the drinks weren't too expensive.

I smoked all my fags halfway through the night, but I've got no one to blame their but myself.

There were some great tunes played, some stuff that I wasnt sure about, but on the whole a great selection. And my fave Rachel Wallace, Tell Me Why got dropped twice, which damn near made me ...????.. in my pants.

On the whole I think a good night was had by all, but I cant comment for everyone, as I only spoke to a few of you. I was on the dancefloor most of the night but the gorgeous Pixie was kind enough to introduce me to Butty and a few of the others....... oh and Pixie, you are never a day over 23.

Even though it was my first time at Goodtimes, I would recommend this night, and will be going again.

Oh an there was some nifty scratchin at the end of the night,.....someones gonna have to teach me how to do that.


:axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe:

ste huxley
4th February 2002, 01:34 PM
First I gotta say that this was the best GT ever!!! Head and shoulders above the rest of any other past best ones!!

I think we got there about half 9 and Ben Fisher was warming tings up, some nice classics being played, dead bouncy and that to set us all off.

Next up was Triple xxx, Well this guy played an unusual tune selection, dropping some good uns but also some real bad ones. e.g DJ Quicksilver - Free (that annoying bleepy euro one).

Next up was Rick Jones, this was undoubtably the best set of the night. He was dropping loads of breakbeat rave and mixing it up with New skool piano tunes which is a style I myself favour at the moment. The atmosphere was just the best ever at this point. Everyone was LOVING IT. Excellent job from Rick Jones usual, who always plays something completely different to the last time he plays, and I'm not talking about just the tunes I'm talking styles of Old Skool! Shows hes got a good record colllection. Top man.

Vertigo was up next and this guy blew me away as well. He played really deep and slightly progressive, the excellent Void - No stopping was played which blew me away, I love it. Top set from one of my fave DJ's

Last on was DJ Absolute, not the best set of the night, but was good enuff to keep everyone going for it big time. Of course by then it was well f*cking messy on the dancefloor and everyone was fecked and well up for it, so jobs a goodun!!

It was great to meet the new peeps, but I couldnt really string a conversation together cos I was pretty wrecked. Dannster 'Ziggy Stardust' was funny with that wig on!!

I sort of learnt a great ciggie trick from M Jaxx but promptly forgot it!

I kept annoying Tonksi and Butty by saying 'step on that f*ckin beat come orrn!!!'

lol, funny

Got a lift there and back in Tall Pauls batman car, with the can of coke and straw as a wing mirror:crazy: Cheers for the lift mate.

The mash up at Tonksi's was funny, I was well wrote off, but kinda tired if you know what I mean so I didnt get up to that much mad stuff (I dont think)

Random bits I remember

48 people on Tonksi's bed
The towel massive of me, Tonksi and Retro
Making name badges saying 'I am 1' on it
Balcony Buzz in Arena 11
M Jaxx's Zippy and George impression - SUPERB
Eye spy with my little eye, spying things like BO:crazy:
Pixie playing basket ball with that Swiss Tony
Sweet having a royal runmble with Swiss Tony
Grad being 'cheeky' all night
Butty's 'Hank' voice
Pixie having a royal rumble with that Swiss Tony, lol
Cat coming out with some classicly funny lines
Bens mashed head, lol (you were well wrote off fella!)
My mashed head
Err everyones mashed head
Vinyl Animal 'Va' talking about the bits of dust you get inbetween the grooves on records:crazy:
The matey dwarf bubble changer colurer thing in the bath
Taffs Sequins video
The Fantasia 'promotion' video

And my final shout goes to 'Booze'. I couldnt have done it without ya! Thanks Booze.

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Cheers for putting me up again Tonks lad!

OldskoolDazed (al)
4th February 2002, 02:04 PM
Top review ste lol - mine follow tis a bit hazy m8 lol

Club was crazy top sets by rik jones - vertigo wikked catch up again swap nums etc - long time no see - top tunez - tune of nite - Sean christopher - bassman mix n void no stopping wikked biggest respects- nice scratchin absolute - missed most of bens set - but look forward to hearing the mix caught teknoages as first tune tho mukka- ben i gotta check ya next set with some of swishes tunes - top tunez olympia a classic m8 - everyone wanted - wikked meet the new crew fantazia - gaz top tune spotters with 10 secs of meetin asked me 3 top tunez lol , beebock, hektik, dannster top top lol @ wig - M jaxx anytime u want come north m8 u can crash mine as long as ya bring zippy wiv ya - well ave blinder lol


he he lookin foward to tonk's review he he MASSIVE THANKS FOR HOSTIN AGAIN M8 - CANT THANK YOU ENUFF - DONT GET OUT ENUFF - i was fooked wicked see yall again, I cant wait till next time - Cat u rock lol str8 headed as hell ???? but is more mashed than any of us lol, but still goin big time - make me piss every time. top one lol - ben u was makin me larfffffff - u r eys was worse than woodys m8 - lol n butty - why we always end up in bed together lol - M jaxx u rock m8 - lol rainbow impressions rock lol had me in stitches picked up myself with that i lost it in Hap E daze lol. lol an how long did it take to blow that fekkin basketball set up lol man i felt as though i was fuckin wwf wrestlin a crocadile - swish u is a fukkin nutter - i aint seen someone lose it as much as that befor ( err alan these pills aint comin up - lol so he takes more ) lol - i told ya pills are hard coated - so whats he do neck 4 in 20 mins lol - lol ben post me ya trousers man - i need to snort em ya mad ehad - top top nite - loved the cyber kid
impression hektik wikked - mad as fook nite

all of you are invited to come back crash party at mine / ANY TIME RETURN FAVOUR - come check out





VA thanks for everythin m8 - grad cheers for sortin us n to the DHSS a big FUCK YOU

5th February 2002, 04:55 PM
Top night was had by all & I thoroughly enjoyed myself I have to say!!

IMO, one of the best GT yet & busier so that also made the atmosphere better too (and it wasn't so cold as normal). The DJ's I thought rocked it most for me were Triple X & Absolute (seem to be totally oposite everyone else on this!!)

I'm not sure why but the tunes they played rocked my night - I was on the dancefloor for the whole of their sets & having spoken to them found that they were genuinely nice guys (have spoken to Absolute loads before tho & already knew this!). No arrogance, no attitude, no sulky faces & they didn't even mind their pics taking !! lol

Played my fave tune again (you all know what it is by now!!!;) ) so that was mint & THANK YOU !!!! to BEn for sorting Anyhalating Rhythm for us !!! WOWEEE !!! Never thought I'd hear that in GT ever - but I like it harder (oo-er) & boy did I get it that night !(double oo-er) !!! :D:D

Mash up back @ T's house was also a winner as per the usual & even though half of you didn't try it, the basketball was FANTASTIC !! - You should have seen VA, typical bloke, blamed everything but himself for being crap at ait (the basket is bent, Swish is holding it funny, you're nearer to it than me, you need a backboard for it, you can't slam dunk it cos it's plastic to name but a few of them !!!! ) lmao - j/k babes - you were great really ;)

Butty (again as per usual) spent all day in bed with various members of OSA & is trying to go for the OSA SLUT title. :thumbsup:

Beebok - big HURRAH to Beebok for putting up with us all & for not runnig for the hills having seen the states we were all in & for being a generally top guy all round & having a good old stomp with us !! And for someone who doesn't listen to OS music,. has never been to an OS night, has never met any of us fools before & doesn't do chemicals :crazy: - *in best Bruce Forsythe voice* didn't he do well?

Finally MASIIIIIIIIIVE thanks to Hektik for finally getting his sorry southern ass to GT & for allowing himself to be converted to the way of OSA (he's even started saying mint!!) - you were a superstar & my dancing buddy in the car on the way home. ;) :heart: He got right into the cod shit waffling with VA & was my sight for the last part of the journey home !!

All the regulars, you were mad, bad & dangerous to know as always & I wouldn't have it any other way !! :heart: :thumbsup: :stupid:

All in all, a HUGE success !! Well done Ben & Mik.

(*Next time better be even bigger though - no pressure lads!! ;) *)(

7th February 2002, 10:50 AM

Club was busier than usual - and a tad warmer which was good! - better than Boxing night!

Dj's were good. RJ's set was the best though...

Before anyone says I'm biased I AM! but I'm also right in what I say!!! haven't heard 'Badboy' played in a club for a long time, and neither had the rest of the club from the looks of it!

It was enough to keep me and RJ grinning all night!!!!

7th February 2002, 11:40 AM
from me review on gifted generation (http://www.giftedgeneration.com/static/goodtimes_020202_review.tpl)

Take DJís and promoters who are completely addicted to Old Skool, mix in a fantastic venue, and stir in a crowd of friendly, up-for-it clubbing mad heads, and the result is Good Times.

My journey to one of the best nights out clubbing I have ever had started in the early afternoon, but good intentions on my part were soon thwarted by the chauffeur still in her pyjamas when I got to her house. Once under way, we found ourselves travelling up in torrential rain and gales, but the dark clouds couldnít dampen our spirits. After a quick stop off in Manchester to get changed, we proceeded on towards the club.

From the outside, the club looked tiny, but inside it was a veritable TARDIS. The DJ booth was elevated front and centre of the dance floor, with stairs leading up to the balcony on either side. The bar was at the back, with very fast service and fairly cheap drinks. There wasnít much decoration, but people hadnít come for an art gallery, they had come to dance their asses off.

Although it was fairly empty when we got inside, the atmosphere was still tingling with excitement, and the tunes were already going off. All of the DJís were absolutely fantastic, and I would have real trouble picking out who was the best on the night, as they all played absolute blinders. All of the sets were varied, so there was no chance of anyone ever getting bored. The dance floor was always busy, but there was always enough room to dance around like a complete lunatic, an opportunity that I (along with everyone else) gladly grabbed with both hands. In fact, I donít think that I left the dance floor once: every time I felt a bit tired, a screamer came on, and I suddenly found more energy. My only complaint was that it was over much too soon, a complaint shared by the rest of the crowd if the thousand decibel screams for ďone moreĒ were anything to go by.

All the music magazines have got articles about why old skool is still popular, and why itís making a comeback, but I can tell them: BECAUSE ITíS FUN, and because the tunes still sound amazing. I havenít enjoyed myself, danced till my feet are sore, or laughed so much for a long long time.

Forget the Ministry cash ins, because they wouldnít know the difference between Old Skool and a school nativity play. I cannot stress how good this night was: I am simply running out of adjectives to describe the brilliance of this night. Get yourself down to Good Times, because it does exactly what it says on the tin, and much much more!