View Full Version : Jesus Is Watching...

The Joker
27th January 2002, 08:33 PM
This burglar is breaking into a house at night. Sneaking around he suddenly hears: "Jesus is watching you!" The burglar is shocked, ducks down, remains silent for a while, but nothing happens.

After a minute or so he decides to continue his search for the jewelry, so he gets up again. Again he hears, but a little louder and more like a warning: "Jesus is still watching you!"

"Good heavens!" he thinks, "What's going on here?" He still doesn't dare to use his torch though.

Silently he strafes backward and again -and really loud this time-: "Jesus is *really* watching you!" Okay, this guy is almost getting a heart attack and switches on his Maglite.

After a little looking around he detects this parrot.
Burglar: "A parrot?"
Parrot: "Yes, that's me!"
Burglar: "You can talk pretty well!"
Parrot: "Yes, I'm already 50 years of age."
Burglar: "Phew that's not bad! You live here?"
Parrot: "Yup!"
Burglar: "Gosh, I really thought something weird was going on here! What's your name?"
Parrot: "Henry."
Burglar: "Henry? That's a weird name for a parrot."
Parrot: "Not as weird as 'Jesus' for a rottweiler!"