View Full Version : V Festival. Weston Park 20/09/04 - 23/09/04

26th August 2004, 08:55 AM
Only just comin down after such a fantastic weekend. My first festival and WOW!!! What a festival.

Started off with the madness of mile long queing on the friday. Was p*ssing it down and i had to carry all my weekends supplies about a mile and half to camp site. Not Easy.

Anyways, after setting up the party started. No bands on on the friday night so was left upto our own devices. So, what did we do, Loads n loads of beer and other things that help the weekend flow. ;) Was pretty battered and ended up spendin about 15 on these arcade gmabling horse race things. Was mint jus standing there, gambling whilst equipped with alcohol, poppers & weed. + other things had taken effect by now.

So onto saturday. Up at about 9, beer straight away, (nothin better to do) then forced some grub down us ready for a day of festivaling. Managed to sneak a few cans into the arena and began watching.
First up - Kosheen. I'm liking these alot. The musical content in there gig was awesome. Deffo good start to weekend.
Jamie Cullum next. Jazz music at a festival. Big :thumbsup: to organisers for that.
Day started to get messy by now. Next was beverly knight who i kinda just looked at. She looks damn fine from far away, not sure about close up though, haven't a clue who she is. :D
Groove armada took stage next. WOW!! absolute awesome tracks being belted out with a cool as feck lighting set up too. Deffo a want to see in the future.

Had downed a few by now so wanted to boogie so over to another tent to watch the scissor sisters do a DJ set. Some proper quality tuneage being played. All unknown stuff to me but with quite an old feel about it. Some of tunes were proper camp Garlands kinda tunes too. Was well upbeat and funky. :D
Then onto the highlight of my weekend, into a field full with god knows how many people, (thousands upon thousands). Massive Attack, last band of the evening, well trollied by now then good ol faithful comes on. Unfinished Symphony. The place just went mental, don't think i've ever ever danced like that and for sure it's an experience which will stay forever.

So Bands finish then back to tent. Ended up being like an OSA mash up but outdoors with 10 thousand people around ya. Managed to get hold of a sort of cowboy outfit with a Pink cowboy hat. (pictures to follow) So with my mind being in a creative mood, i creaed the 'Pink Crusaders' TM. Was basically upholding the law around our campsite. How the hell i didn't get tw@ted when i asked some geezar at the toilets if he had a concealed weapon on him i don't know. Was tredin on thin ice when he went to go in the cubicle and i stated -This toilet ain't big enough for the 2 of us. His answer ' I know, & if you follow me i'll f*ckin t*at ya'. :D So I didn't follow.

Anyways, sunday was spent recovering. Watched quite a few bands but was unable to shake off saturdays antics. Highlight of sunday had to be faithless. Love em or loathe em, man then can get a crowd goin on a sunday afternoon.

So, roll on next year. Gettin me tickets in early. :thumbsup:

26th August 2004, 09:51 AM
Some of tunes were proper camp

So with my mind being in a creative mood, i created the 'Pink Crusaders' TM.

your kinda festival then eh jonny..following blokes into the toilets as well :|

sounds like you had a right laugh :thumbsup: faithless last act as well :D

26th August 2004, 09:54 AM
your kinda festival then eh jonny..following blokes into the toilets as well :|

sounds like you had a right laugh :thumbsup: faithless last act as well :D
lol. Deffo was bud. People dressed up all crazy like. For first time in years i felt as though i fitted in with the crowd. lol

Faithless were wicked. The sounds of some of their samples from the set up was amazing. Just ripped through the air.

Forgot to metion too. Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Way forward for mankind. Proper fun is had with that stuff. :crazy: :D

Dj Ben Fisher
26th August 2004, 10:47 PM
sounds like u had a top one fella !!!! wouldnt of minded goin to summat like that myself , think i will next year for deffo . . . :)