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10th August 2004, 01:15 PM
Well what an experience, this weekend had everything and has to be up there with the best of em :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

We set off from yorkshire at approx 8pm on thursday night for one of my uni mates's house near bedford down south ('prang91') off ere ..... by ten o'clock we had gotten lost twice trying to make our way from the biggster's house through barnsley and doncaster to get onto the M1 in order to get to loughborough ... at one point we started heading back up the A1 to leeds :| anyways, after stoppin off at loughborough to pick up some tunes we carried onto bedford, pretty stoned may i add which didnt help the drivin situation :gigolo: after gettin there at just gone midnight we got our heads down as we were up for 4.30 to set off to harwich ferry port ......

we soon realised how far we still had to go in order to get there, so i hit the accelrator and on the way got done for speeding :'( :@ was flyin down the road at about 80 in a 70 zone then the limit changed to 50 round a bend and two speed cameras were almost immediately after the sign which flashed my ass off :naughty: :( well gutted ..... at least we made it through customs ....

when we got to holland i realised i had forgotten all the printouts with the campsites we could stay at, and all the journey details so we had to try wingin it ..... which at first turned out to be sour as we got totally lost in the middle of nowhere :| every way we went seemed to be the wrong way and the signs were bollox ....after 2 more hours of drivin around (the port is only 50mins from the dam may i add) we finally hit signs for amsterdam ..... luckily we found a campsite more or less straight away when we hit amsterdam's ring road which turned out to be top notch :thumbsup: a mint atmosphere with travellers, ravers and so on ..... we stayed there for the three nights.

the first night (friday) was stupid, the coffee shop we went in we preceded in bongin it straight away which left all of us trippin our heads off for the rest of the night ..... it got worse though, the weekend we chose only had to be GAY PRIDE 2004 5 DAY FESTIVAL :naughty: :he she: and we only noticed when i saw this queue for a club which i tryed to get the other lads to get in as we were gunna hit a club, we wondered where all the women were then realised we were stood amongst no less than 500 gay blokes :| :| and in order to get back out of that street area we had to walk right through the middle of them which had to be the most disgusting thing ever ever ever :hurl: from that point on every where we looked we could see gays and lesbo's which freaked us out to the max ..... we couldnt believe our luck. in two years we have had two weekenders, both coinciding with gay festivals :@ last years being manchester's mardi gras, the tribal warehouse weekend ...... anyways, it was an experience and at least the smoke was good :thumbsup:

with practically no sleep we got up for dance valley. the worst thing about all of it was getting to the metherfeckin place .... nobody (apart from the dutch) knew where they were goin, so its a good job they can speak english well aswell .... once off the short train journey we had to get the free bus which took nearly half an hour :o which was a bit mad, and when we got there it was arranged that you had to do almost a whole lap walkin of the venue, which must have took at least another half an hour :o but you cant really complain with that amount of organistation ...... it has to be the best and biggest place we'd all ever been to :thumbsup:

when we got in we sussed the place out and had a few beers before hitting the main stage area for hybrid .... they were superb again and were well appreciated by the crowd phones: the main stage was simply mega and at the end of the evening must have had 30,000 people watching it :thumbsup: prodigy's - smack my bitch up had em rockin early on though, loved that :) after we headed for the electronation tent for herr arter vs terry toner (as recommended by zenzen ;) ) who were excellent with crackin tunes :thumbsup: except only one of em could mix, and mix brilliantly .... the other was a pile of shite (hence why the other guy did most of the work) ..... well enjoyed there dirty house set but where you zenzen mate? hehe was funny, i was lookin around and i saw a guy in a green ireland rugby t'shirt and a four lear clovered green hat and went up and asked him if he was irish :| ;) but he didnt understand :S so i asked him if he knew a guy called zenzen ... he replied 'nein.i am dutch' .... now that confused the shit out of me :crazy: anyways, ive got plenty of photos that i'm gunna whack up later so you may see yersen if you were in that tent!

we stayed for the dave clarke breaks set after which i have to admit didnt do justice for him at all ..... ive seen him play way better with his tricks and mixing a much higher standard, i did enjoy his tune selection thou, with him playin a few classics :) we then went for a smoike but caught sight of the mushys stall, so thought why the hell not :fekked: i regret doin em now as we all suffered memory loss and got a bit too fecked, but its all good innit :redneck:

we went over to see kevin saunderson next i think :S but he hadnt come on and benny rodriquez on who was a pile of shit nuff said ;) (dunno what his game was :| ) .... kevin saunderson after him was top dollar thou with some blindin tunes, accas and the likes ... the HUGE loveland tent loved that :thumbsup: then was jeff mills in the concept tent who played a mixed bag but i was a bit battered so cant comment much on him, hehe. we then chilled out to some d'n'b which was quality stuff, with some quality women ravers keepin us occupied :thumbsup: :hubba: in the history of dance tent scheduled next was graham park, but justin robertson came on which got me pooin em that he wasnt gunna turn up, but they had just swapped set times ..... justin robertson's history of houset was a dissapointment - he started with frank de wulf - the tape (b sides) and then into leftfield - not forgotton, but then immediately started mixing in his current new stuff as he bottled playing old stuff due to the crowd not digging it as much ..... graham park though didnt give a crap and played what he wanted which was good to see :thumbsup: only stayed for the first 5 tunes as mates wanted to go elsewhere, so i can just list the 5 then mr bluejammer, hehe ;) all classics, 1st up was funky green dogs - reach for me, then jaydee - plastic dreams, inner city - pennies from heaven, phuture - acid tracks and then pierre's phantasy club - dream girl which had me smiling :D :thumbsup: shame we had to leavebut there was so much more acts to see ....

gutted i missed futureshock live! the head cant have been thinkin straight at that time :crazy: but loved rennie pilgrim's breaks set, full of acid phones: :thumbsup: and the plump djs were superb this time i have to admit :) as last time i saw em they were pretty pap .... we finished by moochin round the brilliant event and by watchin the sun go down whilst carl cox was on, and the lasers and fireworks come ot - top stuff :thumbsup:

was far to knackered for an afterparty, so carried on the sesh back at the camp site. the next day was another blinder (except for the fact that gay pride 2004 was still goin on in the city centre and the city was full of em :cops: ) but it was the day we got to hit the red light district :eyebrow: but as a group weve sworn (althou not my idea i might add), that 'whatever went on on the trip stays on the trip' ;) so i offer much on that at the mo ..... except you definately would the nurse :P we got ourselves a nice bag of c for the night as well, which was well recieved by all ;)

anyways, ive been typeing for bleedin ages .... so i'll just finish by sayin we all got home safely after a mad mad weekend, where every minute was a new experience - how it should be! :thumbsup: got over a 100 photos and about 10 film clips to get up on the net, so i'll shout when they're up .... youve goot check out some of the scenes, un-feckin believable! :thumbsup:


Danny :D

Dj Ben Fisher
10th August 2004, 01:30 PM
sounds like u had one hell of a wkd there fella , look forward to seein ya piccys . . :fekked: :thumbsup: :mexican:

10th August 2004, 09:58 PM
sounds like you guys had a blinder, NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loved to have been there. the stage looked pretty groovy and there looks to be tons of people on the photos, must have been wIErd that hardly n e one spoke english.
bit harsh about the gays- each to there own and you n biggy are gonna have to come out someday. lol :rofl:
not too sure about all this what happened on the trip says on the trip business tho.............me n ads'll get it out of one of u some way or another.
what time did it all end? and did you bring me any special smoke back ;) :D ?
:cool: :cool: :thumbsup:

11th August 2004, 10:41 AM
Nice one fella glad you had a wild one :thumbsup:

sweet sensation
11th August 2004, 11:00 AM
Top review there danny :thumbsup: sounds mad !!!

11th August 2004, 02:02 PM
top reading that Dan :D would've loved to see Mr Park in action :) (although not in the gay parade kinda way... ) :)

11th August 2004, 02:11 PM
top reading that Dan :D would've loved to see Mr Park in action :) (although not in the gay parade kinda way... ) :)

hehe, you mean you understood what i wrote then ;)

i'm sure parky will be much more on form for the hacienda reunion when hes back to back with mike pickering and hes got a crowd who have solely come to relive the old tunes ..... without being harsh on the dutch crowd, it seems hard tech-trance stuff is more their bag. his mixin too was a tad average at DV and he waited for the last beats of the tunes, he was havin a good time for deffo thou :thumbsup: