View Full Version : Timeless - Friday 4th June 2004

7th June 2004, 03:32 PM
Another great night at Timeless.. there wasnt many of us due to the forthcoming Blackpool event I guess :S or maybe GT but it sure was rocking.

Nice to meet Myk :thumbsup:

Great sets played as always from Recca, Butty, RJ :heart:, and of course the one and only Nipper... and cant comment on the rest cos I left before the end :P

Anyway nice to see everyone as always and nice to meet Vee who I think I might have met before but havent really spoke to :confused:

JFTB ... a laugh a minute as always .. cant believe I missed ya throwing your drink over someone again.. but I suppose its nothing I aint seen before ;)

and a big thanks for my Vicky (nob) for escorting me there :luv: Lol !!

:king: .. see you all again soon :)

7th June 2004, 03:54 PM
Aye claire it was a bit dead compared to previous events but it was gt's on the sat and with nation on the sat also and blackpool next week its all a bit much.

Still had a right laugh. Havn't been to a timeless in ages so it was a bit weird at first but still was good to see the regulars you know who ya are. Also great to met ya myk. Soz about the lack of a mashup but it was bad timing :(