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5th June 2004, 07:41 PM
After reading the article somebody upped on EmulePlus and the proceedure in chillout, I have been trying the Peer2peer stuff again........however, a few weeks back, the computer kept slowing right down and then it would cause it to stop altogether. I uninstalled the EmulePlus and job was a good one back to normal again, I therefore went back to Overnet today after a weeks abscence from having anything -again, overnet is an emule based client, and again its causing trouble...I cant browse internet after while, things slow down and freeze up same as emuleplus did. I dont know how to use Bit Torrent, and from past experience I dont really care for it, so Im stuck as to why this is happening :confused: :confused: :confused: .

Any ideas peeps?



5th June 2004, 08:23 PM
:wave: I'm not sure it's the P2P causing the slowdown/crashing. I've always got Bit torrent on the go on my laptop and it's a bit lower spec than your PC.
It depends which client you use on Bit Torrent as to the CPU usage it takes.I've tried em all and think ABC is the best, I can have that running, work on an essay for eg and still be on the net. You sure you ain't got any spyware on there mate, use ad aware and window washer to clear that up. Give ABC a try IMO it works fine and just runs in the background without slowing things down loads :thumbsup:

5th June 2004, 08:39 PM
Cheers bud. I think its something to do with the emule programming or something, as soon as I turn it off or delete the program it goes fine.

I know in the past it eats the bandwidth like crazy causing webpages to stop loading even when on broadband cos folk are pulling up tons of stuff through at the same time as you download, but more so in thier favour. The CPU has never been a problem, its not maxing out on the processor in the task manager window, its only a low rate like under 20.00 or something from memory - its just flakey - flaking my computer out.

Perhaps I confused you in the Bit Torrent comment, I dont actually use BT clients, I just wanted to get away from the 'ditch emule and get BT' reply's lol. Im thick, I like to know how to use stuff....Im no hardened downloader or anything anymore becuse I realise now I have to triple check that Im gonna actually use something before I download anymore shite on the hard disks!!! When I first got peer2peer I would set tons of stuff going and then it all piles up onto CD's and gets forgotten about - you know what I mean! hahaha

If the warez sites were any cop these days (like they were back in 98) I wouldnt even use peer2peer, but theyre terrible and pop up city to blind links all the time now - either that or in Japanese, then you find alsorts of hidden shit on you PC after visting those! hahah.

So its not really a bandwidth problem or CPU usage problem - it just makes the PC unstable somehow - programs take ages to load after a while (if at all) and web pages hang, I cant open windows explorer without ithanging, then I task manager to 'end task' items and then that freezes up too. I wait about 5 mins to see if it sorts itself out then reboot if it doesnt.



blue jammer
5th June 2004, 08:43 PM
Sounds like you've not capped your upload & possibly download speeds.

In emuleplus, there's tweaks that allow you to control both, I'd imagine the same can be said for overnet.

Your PC will be acting as a 'server' whilst you are running any of these programs, so it's bound to slow the processes down (you can check this in task manager)

I have a few PC's and two are for the net, one to surf/check mail, and edit audio on, and the other is a dedicated download machine, running slsk and emule plus, that way it doesn't interfere with the processes running etc.

Try adjusting the up/download speeds and see how you go.


After reading your stealth like reply above :o :P it also could be the number of connections allowed. A friend had a problem with his modem crashing a lot as it was constantly maxed out, emule and the likes tend to queue lots of people all at once, unless you tweak that as well - could be another cause.

7th June 2004, 10:36 AM
Do you run Zone Alarm?
I found using this firewall with E-Donkey/Mule/Overnet etc would push the memory usage of a Zone Alarm component called Vsmon up & up untill the computer would crash due to all the memory/virtual memory being used up.
If as you say your computer slows really bad then crashes this sounds like whats the problem, if you dont run Zone open your task manager & look at the processes & performance tabs to see if something is using loads of memory & keeps increasing.

7th June 2004, 05:56 PM
Yeah, I do run Zone Alarm, and occasionaly the VSmon is quite high - but its a bit spazmodic in its trouble! lol. Sometimes I can run it Okay for hours, othertimes my puters like an 80's spectrum or something, lol. Like today, I left my PC on whilst I was at work, overnet churning away like a trooper - gets on the net, yeah, okay, not nippy but Okay, tried to reply to a thread in the osa and browse the net for a few pictures - opened up about 5 or six webpages then it started going snails pace - so I trned off all the webpages but my puter still isnt upto its normal self's speed. Its not bad at the minute, but I cant be sure how long that will last.

Its funny how its only the emule network and variants (is it gnutella?), however there is no viable alternative to them really besides BTorrent, but I cant get my head in that.

Theres always newsgroups, where the real stuff is (lol), but again, I havent the whereforall/knowhow to get into that, and Im not sure how BT is on the 'blocking' of newsgroups score.

@Bluejammer, I cant see much options in overnet - only the max users thing, but it heavily warns against changing the setting of the default cos you wont be able to download as well. So Ive taken thier word for it and left it for now.



blue jammer
7th June 2004, 06:07 PM
Wee bit of food for thought here..

Data is sent in packets, and isn't all one-way, so when you're download is being hammered, say if you're on a 512k ADSL line, with 256up, you might be nearing the fastest speed down, and think that all the up is free ALL the time.

Wrong, when the packets are sent, they have to be verified in that 'handshake' method, so once a packet is down, it sends a little bit of data back saying "yes, got that, thanks, it's ok" so you're effectively maxing out the uploads as well, and therefore will find other data you try and access to be slow (ie web pages and pictures)

Tweak the settings I say.

First, do a screen cap of how they are now, and then have a play with them, don't be afraid to change things, as you can always revert back to the exact settings if you're not happy.

But I'm betting if you do make a few changes, your surfing will improve greatly.