View Full Version : Ravenhead social club lol

Armando Needlefluff
2nd January 2004, 10:52 AM
got to the club about 9 o clock me and dee had ticket no's 63 and 64 whoot whoot think the room holds about 100 lol.
Hit the bar straight away and went and sat with ant (dj quality) then realising there wasnt a DJ ooopps this was going to be fun.
cause over the sound system was playing the worst trance music ive heard for ages.
Been there half an hour and ant nipped home for some compilation cds, he got back ten minutes later and started his set lol with culture club.
About 10:30 after loads of moaning and a couple of people fuckin off to the red lion round the corner where they where havin karaoke the DJ turned up, he looked like he'd just had a full bag of brown and had a bottom lip one of them jungle women with the fuck off big plates in would of been proud of. allegedly he'ed broke down on the east lancs he got an ear bashin off ants missis and she told him to fuck off (good move "not") cause he'ed only knock 100 off his 300 bill. 10 mins later he skulked back in and said he'ed do it half price must of realised he had no money, knob head.
10 mins later he had his cd's set up and started of with all the 70's crap which filled the dance floor.
the high light of the night was 2 fat blokes and a skinny old pissed dude stripping off on the dance floor to the full monty. the skinny pissed dude had the worst baggy briefs on id ever seen.
went round to ants at about 1:30 for some hot pot, chilli and beer which was very very nice. home and in bed by 3:30
wishin we'd gone to courtneys lol :S :S

3rd January 2004, 12:17 PM
LMAO fella - kwalideeeeeeee night out :thumbsup: