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26th October 2003, 08:05 PM
what an absolute rasper!!!
possibly the best night of the year so far :)
the venue was fantastic, so different to music box yet equally as good, dj booth raised up in lights so ya can see exactly who was playin, stages & podiums galore and a top notch sound and lighting display.
butty and recca kicked things off with a wicked warm up set, before stu allan even played a few different tunes :p and got the crowd rockin to the max
next up came RJ with without doubt the best set of the night, faultless mixing and tune after tune after tune (rachel wallace - thanks fella!)
by the time the scratchmaster Sy hit the wheels of steel i was a bit worse for wear lol but still remember that 4oclock in the mornin tune - what a chooon - gets me moist every time!!!!!!!!
last but by no means least....the man like XTC!
another fab hard paced scratch-em-up set to cap a fookin wicked nite!
top turn out by the osa massive big shout to blondie & noodle and the very gorgeous Lisa heart: :heart: and all the usual suspects, you know who u are!!
and big big respect to all the guys who worked fookin hard to pull this off - literally minutes before opening time!!

you done good guys - big pat on't back for ya's!!
and i'll definately see you there again next month:king: :king:

26th October 2003, 11:28 PM
well said woody - no less than the best from the timeless crew - absolute quality night from start to finish. Got in there early doors - ya could feel the atmosphere as soon as ya got in - mint choons gettin played from the brothers in rhythm Butty-Recca i was up on the floor str8 away int first hour chuckin shapes all over t shop. The shape of the venue was mint like a figure of 8 (well it looked like a figure of 8 to me it could have been a figure of 0 or summat simular to a polo mint but instead of the mint bit bein round the outside it was in the middle...(erm hang on a sec while i just see if me coats knockin about))with podiums n stuff - top marks to Minxy for takin advantage of that one in the middle! Mega sets from Stu Allen RJ was MINT Sy - never fails to get everyone bouncin wi the breakbeat piano bombs and finally XTC - with the classic house anthemz - looked like he was really enjoyin himself behind the decks as did every1 - XTC was dancin that much to his own choons - needle jumped so he moved away to the back of the DJ booth for a boogie! - mega night - as always the OSA massive absolutely make the night for me - I just felt dead safe knowin I knew most people around me and we was all just buzzin off each other and havin a scream - tellin ya its wot weekends were made for it had the lot!


28th October 2003, 08:38 AM
Have to agree with u guys

It was a brilliant night - got there early to hear Butty & Recca - who were fab as usual and the night just got better.

Nice to meet all the peeps I did even though I cant remember much about the night !! LOL !!

Anyway bring on next month.


29th October 2003, 06:36 PM
too right - twas the best night of the year so far!!

RJ - You get me right there (points to heart) everytime!!

was an absolute classic, counting the days until next time (which is a bit difficult on me fingers!):rolleyes:

12th November 2003, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by blondie
too right - twas the best night of the year so far!!

It aint over.................its timeless!! :phones:

:axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe:

18th November 2003, 04:20 PM
Originally posted by Quey
It aint over.................its timeless!! :phones:

:axe: :axe: :axe: :axe: :axe:

:confused: jimmy?? is that you?? hello mr irie...is that you on queys log in.....lol

classic quote there fella :p